thanks for the service. I have been a paid subscriber for about two months and already had 2 great interviews as an expert landscape designer.
steve griggs


I appreciate the service you provide; since joining RadioGuestList, I've been booked on a number of podcasts and radio shows.


Hi guys,
many thanks for the great service. I have lined up many speakers who have an amazing knowledge on various subjects, it has saved me a lot of time searching and searching for the right people.
Mike - VNR

Joyce Coleman


My client has completed 2 radio interviews, has another scheduled for next week, and I just received another inquiry.

These interviews are strategic in that they are reaching his target audience.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Sheldon Baker

As the publicist for Nicole Brown and Open Book Extracts (, I am quite pleased with the initial response to bookings. CBD and its health benefits are an extremely important topic that is now being recognized by all media. I look forward to developing more interview opportunities for my client with the help of Radio Guest List.

Bill Broadbent

I'll admit, I was skeptical. But, I received six requests on the first day my profile was posted and have been getting interview requests almost daily now. One of the best promotions I have done.

Rev. Mark Hunneman

Hey! I have had a wonderful, steady flow of requests for interviews!!

Being a Featured Guest Expert here has been a great investment.

Thanks again.

Robert Gill, Jr - Author

I have had a great response so far with interviews on my recent book "Happiness Power," with one radio show and three podcasts. I have more interviews scheduled over the next several weeks.

Joyce Fields

Hooray for!! Thanks to the interview listings, I have received many, many opportunities to tell folks about the 11 books (mostly non-fiction) at!!

Jill Hart

Promoting my expertise on was a great publicity strategy for me.

My Featured Guest Expert posting quickly got me booked on several podcast and radio shows.

Andy LaPointe - Author of Bitcoin Smart Kids

Excellent way to get interviews and exposure. Within days of my listing going live, I received dozens of inquiries. Highly recommend.

Jeff Hall

I heard good things about Radio Guest List and it's all true, I use their service because I want to share my experience in business and entrepreneurship with other people. Radio Guest List has gotten me interviews on radio shows and podcasts and I look forward to working with them for a long time.

Cornelia Jude, Author of Mended Faith

I love the service you provide, since signing up with RadioGuestList, I have been booked for numerous pod-casts and radio shows.

Bernard Golden

I'm so sorry I waited so long to post with RadioGuestList!

I had thought about doing so for quite some time. Within a week of being listed I have received numerous requests for interviews on radio and podcasts, several with large followings.

I wholeheartedly recommend this service if you're looking for great opportunities to share your services and/or your books.

Alex Umansky

Within the first two weeks of becoming a featured Guest Expert, I have already booked 3 radio interviews. Great tool for those seeking to get their brand out there.

Dan Zurcher

I posted once, here on Radio Guest List and received a half dozen interviews in just days. I loved it. Radio Guest List is the best way to get that news out. Thank you again. Dan

Dr. Lawrence J. Fedewa, conservative commentator and columnist

The list has been very helpful in producing requests for radio and even a couple of Skype interviews. I have had as many as five requests in one day from this site. The requests have been bonafide broadcasters and most are national outlets. Very pleased with my Featured Guest Expert listing.

John Thibault

Fast, responsive and it just plain works. Within 24 hours of getting my profile in I had five queries that have resulted in interviews upcoming in the next few weeks.

The responses to my book "How to Change a Law" so far have been terrific. In this political season, it is probably the right offer. The book is available on Amazon and for key radio shows I have special audience discount codes for the Kindle version, and the Audible version.

I think this is a great service.

John Thibault
#1 Best selling Author

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