Rick Nuske

Radio Guest List is the best service for connecting podcast hosts with expert guests.

How do I know? I've used their services for many years, and have had the best experience talking with incredibly talented people on The My Future Business Show.

Sandra Cooze

I am very happy with the many interview invitations I have received thus far to share my story and introduce my book. Many thanks to the team of for creating this platform where the right interviewer and interviewee can find one another.

Hina Siddiqui

This is an amazing service. I posted to book some guests last year, and the response was amazing. I am so pleased to have found this. Strongly recommend it to everyone out there.

Andy Charles

The best returns on interviews and quality people for all genres.

Mari Mitchell

I love the caliber of guests I am getting from RadioGuestList. This is a wonderful service!

Judy Ryan

I have not been on this long but have gotten some good shows already. Thanks for doing this work for those of us trying to get out there online! I appreciate it!


As a new podcaster, this directory was a salvo in finding podcast guests who are informed and can share their experience and knowledge with listeners. Thank you for this service!

Ron Hurst

Definitely a fan of I have been able to get interviews on podcasts. now that I have my own podcast I am excited to leverage this resource for my new podcast Its Your Business Lead It.

Dr Ron Hurst

Erica Pullen

I absolutely LOVE RadioGuestList, and recommend it to ANYONE who is just starting off in the entertainment field. Since I began using this website, I have had talented people reach out to me for an interview. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


This has been an amazing asset to finding guests. I've interviewed people I wouldn't have imagined I could get in a million years.

Brian Shepard

I absolutely love this service! I have such great experts and authors on my show and I have loved every guest so far!! If you don't use this service and support them, my question is why not??

Steve & Feleica Rozansky, Richard & Kristin Morris, & Gabrielle Mazar

This is a great service for people starting out and for those who have been podcasting and on the radio for a long time looking for new and fresh guests.

Pat Backley

I just signed up a couple of months ago and am finding this an excellent experience, thank you. I have already been a guest on several shows and have thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by such great people. Your service is excellent, thank you.
Pat Backley (Author)

Henya Drescher

I love using this site. I've managed to schedule at least twenty podcasters. So far it has been a great experience.
Thank you!

Dana & Lex

I am a Comedian and have been my own publicist for 10 years. RadioGuestList has helped me take it to the next level by finding shows that are looking for a guest like me. Not only have I been a guest on a number of different shows and have also expanded my audience and fan base to people around the globe!

Tory & Teri Smith

Have been extremely pleased with the knowledge and acumen of the guests we've had in the past! We sincerely recommend using this service!

Anthony Muiruri

The greatest resource for finding interview guests. Been using it now several times to find authors to interview on my Book Talk show and the results have been perfect every time. Keep it going guys.

Verwayne Greenhoe

I've enjoyed your mailings & have found several guests.

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