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Lynda D. Brown

Radio Guest List has really been a blessing to my Author Chat Show. I've been booking so many great qualified Christian, and entrepreneur authors to appear on my podcast, that I've had to add an extra day for interviews. Please keep up the good work!


Love the service! Was not expecting the crush of responses and I'm set for at least 4mos! Thank you for being here for us. Could not do it without you.

Tracy C Durham

This is an extremely valued service by our radio station. It is one of the most useful tools we have. I encourage all in broadcast radio to check this site out!


Thank you for your service! It has already lead to several shows and it's amazing! Hanna/Reality Film

Roger Laidig is very effective. I have been subscribed for a month. As the author of a recently published book "Finding Purpose and Joy, It's a Journey" (, I have already been booked for 5 blog radio interviews and met some incredible people.

Pavel Mikoloski


Thanks for this wonderful service. I am a Publicist specializing in Personal Growth and Spiritual Authors and I have already gotten my authors on a few of these shows.

My only improvement would be to suggest there be more shows who make use of this service!

Megan Cyrulewski

I absolutely love love love (did I say love?) Radio Guest List. I have had so many opportunities to connect with people across the world!

David J. Rogers

I've enjoyed using Radio Guest List and find that it works very successfully.
David J. Rogers, author of Fighting to Win: Samurai Techniques for Your Work and Life and Waging Business Warfare.

Russell Devin McLain

Awesome services and simple to use.
Very helpful and impressive.

Lisa Bamford

Dear RadioGuestList Team,

Let me take a moment and salute your AWESOMENESS.

Your service is fantastic! I joined up for the emails last month and have already been able to connect with and book several guests. I thrive on connecting people and making things happen fast.

I want to express both how impressed I am with your service as well as my gratitude for what you do to help get great stories and content out there for a vast array of audiences, across multiple platforms. You provide fabulous lists of guests and topics that are relevant, in a very organized and systematic manner. I get excited every time I see “” in my in-box, as I know that there will undoubtedly be something in that email that will add value to my work.

Incidentally, reading the guest lists is a great way for people like me to keep in close touch with what’s going on in various market segments and keeping up on social issues of importance that my own clients need to be aware of.

I am really impressed with the exceptional service you are providing and the quality of your delivery as well. My congratulations on developing a service that is STELLAR.

Many thanks, and I’m excited to continue the journey with!

Lisa Bamford

Harris Glasser

An incredible service

Qpid Rox

I have found the official site of Radio Guests! I am so happy how quick people got in touch with me for my Podscast show. The people were great and eager to get down to business. I love it and my listeners enjoyed the show! I will be upgrading for sure in the near future!

Charles Rivers

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. I only use the free portion and I've been booking guest left and right!

Lois James

It's been a year now and I am happy to say that all of the guest speaker requests we've had on our show has been through the experts of
Thank you we could'nt have done it without you!
You are the "Best"!!

Red Kingman, Host Reds Place 2.0

Your service has added a new dimension of entertainment and information sharing. Your guests are varied, professional, and available! I am so glad that I found you and plan on using your service once I get back onto terrestrial radio once my 1-yr no compete runs out in September of this year! I highly recommend radio guest list as a resource for interviews.


I really appreciate Radio Guest List. Not only have I had two radio interviews in three weeks but I've gained a lot of information and help from all of the great radio shows available on the list.

I appreciate this great resource!

Jeanne Meeks

Thanks for the Radio Guest List. My first query to an appropriate radio show resulted in an interview. I'm scheduled next week. Yippee.

Erica A. Murray

The Radio Guest List is an amazing source for not only interviews BUT connecting to the right media outlets. It has been an awesome tool in securing media presence.

Keep up the excellent work RADIO GUEST LIST! You truly have a FAN in us!

Stacey Karseras

Radio guest list is AWESOME! I have received multiple interview responses and I am quite please with the results. I am trying to market my brand The Black Jack lifestyle and my three books on wellness.
Thank you so much!
Stacey Karseras

Cathy Bilsky

I am so impressed with your service. I am now booked thru the middle of may....and being asked on other shows to be a guest.....with in 12 hours of you posting my guest request.
You guys rock!!!
I am so delighted
Thank you

The Ronald

I just started using Radio Guest List about 1 month ago to find new guests for the Wealth DNA radio show, and was already able to find some potential guests in a rather difficult to find niche of Forex and commodity traders. Many thanks for setting up this great service!

Thelma Wheatley

I am very pleased with Radio Guest List organization. I have had two speaking engagements via internet radio podcasts, one in Colorado and one in Los Angeles, this month. Thank you so much and I wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2014 from Canada where it's minus 18 degrees Celcius!

Nick Theophilou

i am glad i found Radio Guest List. Interview hit rate has been good. My confidence has built with each show, and i am grateful to you

Jessica Maarek

I am doing PR and marketing for an author, Hank Quense, who specializes in helping other authors self-publish and market their books and Radio Guest List has been such a help! I receive the emails every day and am still amazed at how many radio spots are applicable to this author's needs. This tool has helped us a lot in securing relevant radio spots to expand Hank's exposure nationally.
Thank you!

Danielle Guilday

This service is amazing! We've had the pleasure of speaking with several great guests in just the two weeks since we've been signed up. I would recommend this site to any producer, host, or show looking for new, interesting guests!


With Radio Guest List I have been broadcast in 4 countries: 14 interviews in just 1 month. See if you think I lie? I refer it to everyone.

Alicia Young

Radio Guest List is a fantastic tool. I look out for in my inbox, and I'm happy to report, I've picked up some great interview opportunities as a result, including:

*Eat.Sleep. Write. with Adam Scull.
*Magnificent Time with Cloris Kylie Stock
*Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer and
*The Michael Dresser Show.

I'd really encourage authors to get involved.

Alicia Young
Author, The Savvy Girl's Guide to Grace
WINNER, 2013 New York Book Festival(Self Help)

Gail Lawley

Radio Guest List is awesome!

In just a few weeks I've been on 3 shows. The first one (an internet Rap show) wasn't appropriate for my book "It's Your Move: Choices for Senior Living" but it was great practise.
The other two were great!
Very professional, asked me for some questions ahead of time, asked for a copy of my book, they reviewed my website before the interview and gave me great feedback about how to improve my interviews in the future.

I've been rejected by one show (not surprising since my topic is rather serious), but just inquired about 2 more... All this in less than a month!! Thanks much.

Trish LeSage

Thank you for offering Radio Guide List! It has been very helpful! I just joined a couple of weeks ago, and I have already been booked as a guest on a radio show.

Trish LeSage
Best selling author of books on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening/ascension, and other body-mind-spirit topics

Janet Love

Can't say enough great things about your service. I placed an ad and was inundated with qualified individuals for my radio show. I am impressed to say the least! Thank you for your professional and quality service. I was referred to you by my marketing guru and he was right you were exactly what I needed to take my show to the next level.


Great service! I have nothing but good things to say. I've only been using this service for less than a month and have 2 interviews booked.


this site has been great I've found great guests for my radio show. I love the daily updates. don't know what I done with out this site. thanks again .

Faith DeVeaux

This is a wonderful service. I have enjoyed speaking with the folks who have interviewed me thus far!

Stephen Garrett

I have had a great time locating the radio shows that fit my topic. I have found the process helpful and the radio hosts great people to work with. All and all a great experience that I will continue to pursue.

Scott Vedder

Within a week of signing up for I appeared on the nationally syndicated Michael Dresser talk show. Take a listen to the interview here:

I've been booked for several more appearances in the coming month. These radio interviews are helping the shows' audiences learn how to write a résumé that speaks for itself and driving flow to my web site at I'm very happy with!

-Scott Vedder
#1 Best-Selling Author of "Signs of a Great Résumé: How to Write a Résumé that Speaks for Itself."

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