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Kevin J. Stone has helped my radio show out greatly. It makes it so much easier for putting together a show, when you don't have to worry about finding talent for your show.


Excellent service. What would have taken me forever to find, I found here in droves! This is a very fast, very efficient service. I highly recommend it.

Myra Hunn

Thank you Radio Guest List. My radio show has grown as a result of posting on your site! Thank you!!

Crystal Glass

Thank Radio guest List, I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and have them on our radio show. Whether it's been a phone or in person. Very informative,fun and exciting. Thanks very much.

Beth Moothart has been a great source for quality guest for our program, Real Money with David Holland. Quick and easy too - Thanks for providing this service - hope to keep finding more quality guest from your site & we gladly promote RGL on our program with the guest.

Tekneshia Day

The guest responses have been awesome. I appreciate RadioGuestList for being around. You are a great company to know.

Barak has provided me with three guests to date for my new podcast. Thanks for this free service.

Natasha is an excellent resource for finding guests, making contacts, and getting the kind of content any good show needs to garner a large listener audience. Thank you for your services!!

James Sutton

Radio Guest List consistently comes through for us at The Changing Behavior Network. We always have plenty of responses to our posts from potential guest experts and authors. It makes our job of crafting a quality program MUCH easier. Thanks, so much!

Pia Louise

Hello - I am very pleased with the quality of guests whom I found on this website. Thank you.
Regards, Pia

Mark Jerrell

This service is awesome! The responses that you get are tremendous. We have had a ton of great guests that our audience has loved. It also makes it much easier to book our shows far in advance. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Karyn Beach

I recently started my own BlogTalkRadio show, Get It Together Girl Radio. At first, I thought it would be challenging to find guests, then I came across I've gotten several great interviews through the site and have found it an invaluable resource.

Janet Love

Love Radio Guest List.I was referred to your site and with one posting I received more quality interviews than I was ready at that moment to book. I'm not complaining! You provide a great service thank you.....
The Janet Love Show

Nate Nephew

We have used Radio Guest List to get the majority of our guests! Once we post a request we usually end up with more potential guests than we could possibly accommodate! The quality of those guests has also been very high!


RGL rocks. I have gotten great guest for our show. Plus, I got so many guest we had to start broadcasting on Mondays, Wednesdays,and Saturdays.

Sandy Weiner

Thanks to, I have booked 2 shows/weekly through December on Last First Date radio (! Awesome guests! I have referred other hosts to Fabulous resource.

Neal Howard has been a huge help in my search for interesting and informative guests. I strongly recommend this site and service for anyone on the search for quality talk show expert guests.

Amy Beth Arkawy

The interesting guests I have found through Radio Guest List have all added to the lively mix my audience enjoys.

Thanks for being the go-to stop for top flight talk show guests!

Lois James

Thank you for providing Top of the line service for guest speakers for our show we soooo much appreciate it, the topics has truly boosted our radio audience, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!



Thanks for your help. I am already booked for the year with some of the guests you sent my way. I will also start scheduling for next year as well. Thanks for your service.

Here is a link advertising one of the guests you sent my way. Wendy Oliveras will be on ASWIFTT RADIO on June 8, 2013.

Eunice Nisbett

RadioGuestList took the worry and guesswork out of finding best selling authors and book marketing experts as guests for Book Marketing in Five, which launched on 14 March 2013. My Show is now booked into August 2013 and a number of guests have signed up via RadioGuestList.

Thank you RadioGuestList!

Lisa Tarves

I have booked guests months ahead for my show, "Just Believe" because of! I've also found many interviews for myself too. I don't know what I would do without this service!

Oyenu Olugbala

Radio Guest List has helped me in spades, I say this because as a new radio show you have to somehow attract guests to your show on which ever topic your presenting to build your audience, that can be tough!!

Radio Guest List as made that part easy allowing me to focus on building my audience.

I thank you for creating this service.

BK has helped me get several guests on my show. All of them have been quality guests. Thank you for all of your help.

corine La Font, Online Book Marketing & Virtual Events Specialist

OMG Radio Guest List rocks! I have received some awesome responses to my ad that I am in overwhelm trying to book as many of them as possible. I can see that 2013 is going to be a rocking year for my show! Thanks Radio Guest List for making this possible.

Tammi Joyner

A Theory of Parenting on would like to thank for the marketing and promotional ads.

We have had several guest and we also started a BookClub based on our guest and their books!

Thanks so very much!

Dr. Ande

Thank you once again Radio Guest List. I have been using your service since 2010 and as always I've received brilliant and fascinating guests for Dr. Ande Radio.



Gwen Gistarb

Thank you so much for the great guest I've received from your site. I appreciate working with you and keep up the good work.


Making Life Easy with Gwen Gistarb

Michel Sauret

I'm an award-winning Army journalist and independent author of a new book, "Amidst Traffic" and I'm so glad a friend of mine told me about this site. I've signed up for the newsletter listing, and I really hope I can discover radio stations and podcasters who could benefit from having me on their show.


James Nemley

All I can say is your service is UNBELIEVABLE! I'm getting so many guests that I'm finding it hard to book them all! Keep em coming!

James A. Nemley, CEO
The Better Business Builders, LLC.
The Building Your Extraordinary Business Radio Show!


I am so happy to have been suggested this website. I have booked guests through mid December and I LOVE IT! Dr. Joe Kort a Certified Sex Therapist was on Talk SeXcetra last week and we loved him! Thanks to RadioGuestList for such a GREAT service.



I wish to give this service a 4 star rating as I have gotten some very good guests for all my shows, and we need to keep them going, so support them in every way that you can.

Patrick Walters
Triangle Variety Radio

Together in Ministry Network

Radio Guest List has helped me attracts many relevant and significant guests for my show. Thank you for all your help.

Dianne McNair

I write to give 3 stars and a salute to Radio Guest List for being the bridge needed for people with a message or expertise (like me) to have a gateway to the opportunity for a needed platform.

Within 2 days of pitching my message of inter-related themes and published book, I got replies. Out of the 2nd guest booking I was asked to consider becoming a weekly guest on Journey to Gold. I agreed, but continued on with the 3rd guest offer that was pre-scheduled with Dr. Rose. That show contained all the elements for good vibe - very engaging with the host, core-touching and eye-opening for me and the listeners.

I discovered the ease of 'flow' rather than strictly scripted dialogue from guesting with Journey and Dr. Rose's shows - and have kept that trait. The weekly guest spot on Journey to Gold was soon changed to an offer to 'co-host' a newly created show (Power Tuesday) where the host and I dialogued on everything People, everything Life Changes, some things Politics, some things Immigration, Breaking News segments - the good/the bad/the ugly - and anything in-between.

I have been doing that for a year now with her, and someone heard us who has become a 'game-changer.' The producer was recently asked to bring her banner show to a larger, live radio broadcast international network!

While she coordinates the transition and securing sponsors, we are inserting 'Revisits' of previous shows during our 'Power Tuesday' hour-long podcast/internet radio program. Meanwhile, I am reviewing your listings to see if my show topics fit any listngs...and there are some that fall 'in my lane!'

Thanks so much! I know my report is lengthy, but I needed to tell you just how much your platform has impacted my silent dream. Your helpful site is a gateway to the vision I hold for my future!

Dianne McNair

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