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Guest Expert: Edward Rodriguez Author and Mindset Expert

Edward Rodriguez is an expert in mindset. I would like to be interviewed, sharing about my book, A Walk From Florida to New York. Have people contact me and buy my book. Expert Name and Title: * Edward Rodriguez International Best Selling Author. Interview this Expert About: * Mindset. Walking from FL to N.Y. with only $200 and returning with $200, with out a plan on how to do it. 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: * What kind of mindset do you need to have in order to succeed? What kind of mindset does it take to... Read more →

Service Available: Kreative Circle Welcomes Expert Authors, Artists and Entrepreneurs

Get Featured in Kreative Circle Audio & Magazine Style Interviews. Expert Name and Title: * Project Name: Kreative Circle 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: * Title: Kreative Circle Welcomes Authors, Artists and Entrepreneurs Subtitle: Seeking Authors, Artists, Musicians, Song Writers, Chefs, Creatives, Writers, Entrepreneurs Kreative Circle welcomes global talents to engage in: ** Audio Format Interviews / Participate in Various Shows ** Text/Magazine Format Interviews ** Promotion of artistic services on a few established global platforms ** Get interviewed by featured host Sasha Laghonh, celebrated by major online, AM/FM radio & other networks. Contact to learn more.... Read more →