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#6201: Living & Thriving with Rustie, Inspiration on TAP seeks Mind, Body and Soul Experts

I am looking for Mind, Body, Soul experts. Those who has gone through storms and found the light. Those who have inspiration, motivation and are dedicating at sharing their story to an international Audience. Show Name: * Living & Thriving with Rustie, Inspiration on TAP Show Description: * I host this show in a down to earth, organic style that is reflective of experience and humility. I believe that things should be made simple, comfortable and with compassion. The purpose of my show is to offer a variety of topics that inspire, motivate and make the audience challenge themselves. I... Read more →

#6196: The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast seeks Thought Provoking Guests

Anybody involved in alternative thought, conspiracies, paranormal investigation, cryptozoology, holistic practices, psychics/mediums, UFO/Alien incidents. We love authors on these topics and will promote books heavily. Even if you have an experience you would like to share or a ghost story, drop me a line! Show Name: * The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast Show Description: * Monthly paranormal variety show that is celebrating it's 5th year. Described as "the gateway to bigger shows" by past guests. Guests interviews are 30 minutes. Love beginners and will help you succeed in your goal. Show Host Name(s): Jon Mallard Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

#6195: Paranormal Gumbo is looking for Paranormal Enthusiasts

We are looking for paranormal enthusiasts and/or experts who will come on the show to discuss paranormal topics. If you're an expert, we'd love to hear about your topic of choice. Show Name: * Paranormal Gumbo Show Description: * Paranormal Gumbo is a paranormal podcast. We discuss all things paranormal with a side of humor. We've covered topics such as alien abductions, ghosts, mermaids, sea monsters, metaphysical healing, haunted hotels, reincarnation, and much more. We're open for pretty much any paranormal or creepy topic. Show Host Name(s): Angel and Aaron Booking Contact for Interviews: * Angel Summers Booking Email Address:... Read more →

#6188: The Real Double Dose Channel seeks Inspiring Experts

Is seeking self-development, motivational speakers and spiritual experts. -To help others get through blockages -To help inspire others -Helping others get to know their inner selves Show Name: * The Real Double Dose Channel Show Description: * Welcome All to The RDDC, (Real Double Dose Channel)! This is the place where anyone can find or discover more clarity within themselves and as well as other peoples walks of life, conversations, and questions along with deeper insights. People from all walks of life have things to ask, say or gain more understanding within this Broadcast Show's, via 'Multiple platforms'.. Are here... Read more →

#6184: Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People

LGBTQ+ allies who have an inspiring story or message that align with my show details. Show Name: * Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People Show Description: * Welcome to Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People. My name is Calan Breckon your personal development coach on this weekly adventure to help you discover more about yourself, your journey and the world around you. I do a deep dive with my guests about their personal journeys on topics range from LGBTQ+ issues and coming out, pain, love, patience, meditation, intuition, naturopathic medicine, vedic astrology, authenticity, gratitude,... Read more →

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