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#6191: Finding The Good Life with Dr Gene seeks Intermittent Fasting Expert

Is seeking an Intermittent Fasting Expert. It used to be called starving, now it’s called intermittent fasting? Skipping breakfast used to be bad, now it’s genius! How are they different and how does fasting work? How is fasting good for you and why is it effective? Show Name: * Finding The Good Life with Dr Gene Show Description: * Finding the Good Life with Dr. Gene is a groundbreaking television series that highlights the link between Oral and Systemic health. Offering expert interviews, life-changing stories, cutting edge science and a weekly feature on how technology is transforming the healthcare system,... Read more →

#6193: Video-A-Day Debruary 2020 seeks Motivational Guests

We are seeking guests for a largely female audience aged 25-45 seeking information in self-improvement and relationships during the month of February my YouTube Channel will feature video-a-day programming. Our goal for this year is to feature guests and topics which motivate listeners to examine long-held, self-defeating, unquestioned beliefs and behavior patterns. Show Name: * Video-A-Day Debruary 2020 Show Description: * Channel for women which focuses on self-esteem, personal development, self-improvement, dating and relationships for both single and married women. Primary audience is 25-45, from all over the world. Active YouTube channel with more than 20,000 subscribers and growing daily.... Read more →

#6188: The Real Double Dose Channel seeks Inspiring Experts

Is seeking self-development, motivational speakers and spiritual experts. -To help others get through blockages -To help inspire others -Helping others get to know their inner selves Show Name: * The Real Double Dose Channel Show Description: * Welcome All to The RDDC, (Real Double Dose Channel)! This is the place where anyone can find or discover more clarity within themselves and as well as other peoples walks of life, conversations, and questions along with deeper insights. People from all walks of life have things to ask, say or gain more understanding within this Broadcast Show's, via 'Multiple platforms'.. Are here... Read more →

#6186: Author Talk With M.L.Ruscsal is looking for Authors

Is seeking authors. Show Name: * Author Talk With M.L.Ruscsal Show Description: * Seeking Authors or entrepreneurs. Recording Once a day for a limited time. All Podcast will be on Blogtalk radio, Youtube and Limited time offer. $35. This is not affiliated with my show with Atalanta Mix. Show Host Name(s): M.L.Ruscsak Booking Contact for Interviews: * Melisa Ruscsak Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 20,000 monthly Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Est.... Read more →

#6184: Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People

LGBTQ+ allies who have an inspiring story or message that align with my show details. Show Name: * Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People Show Description: * Welcome to Discovering Your Truth Talks: Awesome Conversations with Inspiring People. My name is Calan Breckon your personal development coach on this weekly adventure to help you discover more about yourself, your journey and the world around you. I do a deep dive with my guests about their personal journeys on topics range from LGBTQ+ issues and coming out, pain, love, patience, meditation, intuition, naturopathic medicine, vedic astrology, authenticity, gratitude,... Read more →

#6185: Living Prevention TV in 2020 is talking Prevention Truths

If you're a change maker and a truth teller whose expertise adds valuable knowledge to the Living Prevention TV audience, I would love to talk to you about empowering, enlightening, educating and inspiring others with your content. We seek to book experts, products, and meaningful contributions to the Living Prevention community. Show Name: * Living Prevention TV in 2020 Show Description: * For the first time in TV history, Living Prevention TV is bringing prevention truths mainstream; What Is and Isn't Toxic? Through independent TV free of Pharma advertising, ( the largest advertiser in the world), we're here to ensure... Read more →

#6183: WKDW 97.5 FM Die DEUTSCHSTUNDE wants to hear your Story

Is seeking German Immigrants. Show Name: * Die DEUTSCHSTUNDE Show Description: * every Sunday on WKDW 97.5 fm North Port Community Radio SW-Florida and on Midnight to 2 am and 1:03-3:00 pm a show totally in German with German Music from 50' to today and Interview of German Immigrants and their success stories Show Host Name(s): Dr.Klaus Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr.Klaus Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Internet worldwide average 16920 ip addresses Local SW-FLorida from Bradenton to Punta Gorda Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Station... Read more →

#6182: Hollischapmanshow is looking for Authors

We are looking to interview authors promoting their book, speakers promoting their service, consultants, small business owners, all looking to grow their platform. Show Name: * hollischapmanshow Show Description: * We are a weekly interview format show.We ask questions to bring out great content to our audience.We have an outstanding fan base,that will follow up after the live show,Promote you book or service and you will get a very nice surprise after the show. Show Host Name(s): Hollis Chapman Booking Contact for Interviews: * please send all questions to this email address. Booking Email Address: * Audience Size... Read more →

#6180: She Spills The Beans wants Women’s Health Expert

Is looking for Women’s Health and Wellness Professionals and Experts. Show Name: * She Spills The Beans... Show Description: * The purpose of this show is to showcase women helping other women. Although the common interest of my audience are weight loss and veganism, as women, we all share similar issues depending on the what stages we are in life. Show Host Name(s): Nina Fuentes Booking Contact for Interviews: * Nina Fuentes Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Growing community of women ages 20-50 years old. Mostly interested in weight loss and veganism.... Read more →

#6179: The Lifelong Wellness Podcast: Living Your Best Life seeks Health & Fitness Experts

Is seeking Health & Wellness Experts. Show Name: * The Lifelong Wellness Podcast: Living Your Best Life Show Description: * We run a very successful online health and fitness company... and we have recently launched a podcast featuring health, fitness and wellness experts who have valuable content to share with our large database of followers. Our customers, readers, and listeners are highly-focused on improving/maintaining their health, fitness, and overall wellness. This is a great opportunity for a wide variety of natural health experts, practitioners, etc. to share their knowledge and get exposure to a targeted audience. Interviews are intended to... Read more →

#6178: The Catalyst Creator's Show seeks Financial Experts

For the show's second season, I am looking to speak with those that know about financial literacy, getting out of debt, those that are experienced in the Gig Economy, passive income, earning online. If you are a financial coach, author, podcaster, or blogger - I would like the opportunity to speak with you about coming on my show for the second season. Show Name: * The Catalyst Creator's Show Show Description: * Those that are interested in learning from the best of the best and applying what they have learned to change their lives for the better. The show is... Read more →

#6177: Around Grandfather Fire is looking for Shamanism and Spirituality Experts

If you have experience or knowledge with shamanism or shamanic practice, we offer a unique format to dive into the details. Our audience is highly enthusiastic and eager to learn and we as hosts are practitioners of various traditions who are very good at facilitating conversation. Show Name: * Around Grandfather Fire Show Description: * Inspired by many talks around a Sacred Fire, your hosts Sarenth Odinsson Caitlin Stormbreaker and Jim Two Snakes cover topics from Shamanism to Psychology, and from Science to Popular Culture. Our discussions are wide and far ranging, but they always seem to circle back to... Read more →

#6176: Talk Story Today is seeking Shamanic Guests

We are seeking shamanic practitioners, healers, visionary artists, and wisdom teachers to talk about their work, how they were inspired to get into that work and to participate in an open discussion with audience members. Show Name: * Talk Story Today Show Description: * The show which airs on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm MT, The format is about a 20-minute interview answering two questions. What inspired you to work in the shamanic field and tell us about your work. The interview is followed by a open discussion where audience members can ask questions. This would be an excellent time for... Read more →

#6173: The Pixie Podcast wants to know if You Have Used a Ghostwriter

I am looking to interview people who have used a ghostwriter to write for them. That ghostwriting may have been for books, scripts, films, audio, business use, or PR. All interviews will be used as part of a new segment of an existing podcast, to showcase the upsides, downsides, and considerations of using a ghostwriter. All you need to bring is your experience, and a willing to speak openly and honestly for other people like you. Note that business people (business owners, C-Suite Executives) are preferred. Show Name: * The Pixie Podcast Show Description: * The Pixie Podcast is an... Read more →

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