Yoram Ohana

Radio Guest List gave us excellent leads to guests for our show: Goldstein on Gelt you can see for yourself on: :) keep the great job you are doing thank you very much

Jennifer Martin

I love Radio Guest list. In the the past month I have been interviewed 3 times and made some great business connections along the way.

I have already had 3 people contact me to learn more about my weekly accountability group (Mission Accomplished) and another who has expressed interest in Learning about my upcoming groups More Money, More Clients, More Life! and Tapping Your Way to Wealth.

There is no question this is a good investment for anyone looking to promote themselves, their business, products, or services.

Lisa Tarves

I have a radio network and we cover seven different topics. Anytime I need experts to interview, I post an ad here and I swear within minutes of the ad going live, I have experts in whatever area I'm looking emailing me.

The people that contact me are always perfect for what I'm looking for and the process couldn't be simpler or more effective!

MagicBrad Gudim

This is a WONDERFUL service you are providing. Everyone is vey professional kind and interesting. :)


Its really really helpful !!! Thanks.

Keilayn Greenwoodd

Im Very happy an impressed and it was free now my online radio talk show is booked for 3 months.thanks


am tickled each color of the rainbow with this service - many thanks

Silver  lee

Very helpful

LeTonya Moore

Radioguestlist has been great for securing guests for my radio show and podcast. Absolutely amazing! I've booked two interviews to promote my book and brand! Great.

Cheval John

Good morning.

I would have to say that radio guest has been great because I had booked an interview on one show and landed a guest for my own online radio show/podcast.

Really love the service here on Radio Guest List.

Alberta Sequeira

I contacted all that related to my books and with that day and the next, I had three confirmed interviews scheduled.

Thank You!
I look forward to new updates.


Your service everything you said it would be and more.. Thank you so much....


Your service has been a huge blessing in my life. I have booked three shows already and I am working on a 4th right now! It is so beneficial to me to receive your free emails! I would enjoy a list of publicists in the Atlanta area. You may have posted that and perhaps I didn't see it, but that would be very helpful for me as a beginner. Thank you for all that you do.

Lena Ski

My podcast calender has been filled up till the end of October 2015 with high level inspirational guests, and some possible big name illumuni.

As for getting interviews for myself and my clients, there's some things swirling around, and waiting to land.
So far I've had 1 confirmed amazing interview ... and 1 for a client of mine.

Lena Ski
Hostess of The SuperNova Podcast | SuperNova Marketing Coach | Author | Head PR at The bigbangclub at

Lynda D. Brown

Radio Guest List has really been a blessing to my Author Chat Show. I've been booking so many great qualified Christian, and entrepreneur authors to appear on my podcast, that I've had to add an extra day for interviews. Please keep up the good work!


Love the service! Was not expecting the crush of responses and I'm set for at least 4mos! Thank you for being here for us. Could not do it without you.

Tracy C Durham

This is an extremely valued service by our radio station. It is one of the most useful tools we have. I encourage all in broadcast radio to check this site out!


Thank you for your service! It has already lead to several shows and it's amazing! Hanna/Reality Film

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