Marvin Wilson

I appreciate this list a lot. I am also a listed Expert Guest, which I pay for and it is well worth it. I've been featured on 3 podcasts in the past few weeks, and have only been a subscriber for a little more than a month,

Pete Canavan, Personal Safety Expert

Great service and a no-brainer for anyone looking to get more media exposure in the form of radio and podcast interviews. I've had 15 interviews in 75 days, so I'm averaging one interview every 5 days! It's great to have hosts contact me instead of having to chase them down. I'll be a member for a long time! Thanks!

Marianne Petersen

Because of this free service, I'm the happiest author this morning being I just got the AOK for my 2nd interview. It introduced me to not just one, or two, but three radio stations that are perfect to share my book with.

So thankful God's guided me to finding you. If this free version has done this, I'm excited to see what happens when I become a member!
Thank you for this service.


thank you for the amazing services

Darcy Grabenstein

We have booked several quality podcast guests through this service. It makes my job as content marketing manager much easier!

Joshua Shea

Within two days of being listed on this site, I had three interviews booked. Can't argue with those results!

Stephen Murray

This excellent service is a huge bonanza for me. I have managed to promote all three of my novels on a multitude of radio stations, podcasts and blog radios throughout the country.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kay Presto

So pleased to say that your company provides such a wonderful service! I have used the appropriate contacts on your site that correlate with my new award-winning book, and the radio interviews with the hosts have been great! Thank you!

Kay Presto, author and founder, Presto Productions


Great service, we use this to get podcast guests for me, nice work team!!

Linda Diane Wattley

Awesome! For sure I will be buying a round for you'll soon! I have more than I need and the choices just keeps piling in. Thank you so much for making my purpose so much more easier to achieve. This is an excellent place to meet amazing and wonderful people.

Benjamin Warsinske

Since joining the free email newsletter, I've been a guest on a millennial entrepreneur podcast making a great new connection, as well as was selected to be interviewed on a very popular podcast coming up in August 2017. Impressed with the free service, I plan to upgrade soon!

Amy Scott, book editor and location-independent lifestyle coach

During my first couple weeks as a subscriber, I found a podcast that sounded like a perfect fit. I sent them a message, and we now have an interview scheduled! Thank you for this great service. I look forward to finding more perfect fits.


This is a great help to both parties. There are so many radio stations, hosts and experts in each and every topic. This is a platform in which all these have been made possible to connect and simply made work easier.

Vanya Silverten

Thank you so much for your service. I've not been getting your emails for very long but I have already connected with some great people that I would have never done otherwise. I am very grateful for what you do!

Nate Maughan

Hey there, your site and services are unparalleled. I can't begin to describe the value of this website and the wonderful people from the creators of the site to the experts and guests themselves. I'm happy to report that will be a show sponsor for TTR Unleashed on Friday nights on, The Planet. Thank you endlessly for these connections and services. We're gonna show some love and appreciation to you al beginning tonight at 6pm MST/8pm EST !!!

Gerald J. Leonard

I love this service! Since joining the Radio Guest List service I'm getting at least 1 or 2 interview requests a week and have completed 10 interviews in the past 5 weeks. I also joined the Business and Technology premium list and have received a number of responses when I submit a reply to a request for an interview. Keep up the good work, you have a client for life!

KC Armstrong

You guys have created such a terrific service for my radio station. I have gotten some incredible and inspiring guests from here. You guys should be so proud of what you have created here.

The service you provide is bringing people together in such a positive way I just started doing some live commercials on air for you because of the amazing job you do.

Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

Blaze Lazarony

What an outstanding website for those of us seeking radio/podcast/vidcast interview guests. Within a short period of time, I had a large number of people apply to be a guest on the Blazing Women Entrepreneurs podcast.

And as a result, I have had the opportunity to meet so many brilliant entrepreneurs and share their message with my iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play music listening audience from using your service.

Thank you so much!

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