Tamara Rasheed - Breaking Free: Transform Your Business & Shift Your Family's Life Into Abundance

I've been able to access podcasts and radio stations that are interested in interviewing me about my new book. Every time I get an email, I have a new lead for interviews. What a great service!


Great service. Looking forward to being contacted for an interview on marketing strategies for small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Tiffany Isaacson

A huge thank you to Radio Guest List. At CoreBrain Journal, we are always looking for spectacular guests, and each time we reach out, we are inundated with emails from prospective guests! All are quality guests. I could not do my job without Radio Guest List..I highly recommend using this service!

Joe Rupe

This has been a great service and gift to all of us that do radio or podcasts. There are many many great guests to choose from here ! It is wonderful what you are doing here !

Paul D. Johnson

What a great service! My The God Zone Show podcast has received about 35 requests in just 10 days from potential interview guests for the show. I tell all podcasters I meet about your service. Thanks so much.


Thanks for putting out this fantastic service!

Briar Lee Mitchell, EdD

This is a good service. I get outstanding guests for my show.

Joy Jennings

Great! I love getting the head's up about radio opportunities delivered to my inbox. As a result, I have my first radio interview today in fact on The Authors Show. Now that my nerves have settled a little, I will be contacting more! Thanks for the great work!

Chad Stambaugh

Radioguestlist has been phenomenal for my show. I'm booked with new and exciting guests through April.

Rhoberta Shaler PhD The Relationship Help Doctor

YES! I go through the listing in each email and connect with every one that I have an angle on. YES! It works. This service is invaluable. Thank you. And, I subscribe to the specialized "Premium" list to shortcut my search even further. Well worth it!

Nicole DelaCroix

I'm new to the site, and after struggling for over two years to get more exposure for my books, I submitted to just two requests on here and got my first booking - the same day I pitched! Now I'm getting requests on other shows as well. I thank the lucky stars that sent me to this site! Thank you so much

Lori Davis

I am new to this site and so far I am very pleased with the amount of bookings I have gotten. Looking forward to my first interview soon.

Gerard Gardner

I'm new to this site, and I'm a new author. I can say that I am extremely happy with the invitations I've gotten in just a short amount of time. I plan to expand to the premium upgrade because of it.

Deborah Hunter Marsh

Your site is great and I have gotten one booking from it. Keep them coming.

The Sarcastic Sinners Podcast

We are very impressed with the quality and knowledge of the individuals RGL has put us in contact with. We will be using and recommending RGL going forward and cred the service with helping us expand our brand.
The Sarcastic Sinners Podcast

Michael G Pullman

Radio Guest List has given me 3 fantastic guests so far for my fledgling podcast, Franchisee Connect. It's allowed me to fill in gaps in my schedule and continue to deliver great content to my audience when my normal interviewees aren't available. Love the service guys, thank you!

jed doherty

Just a quick note to say how extremely happy i am with the results I have had by listing on I am overwhelmed by the number of responses. Better still, the quality of the potential guests is outstanding. Looking forward to a long relationship with this service.


Great service. Looking forward to being contacted for an interview on marketing strategies for small-to-mid-sized businesses.

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