Roberta Knox

The experts that I have received through Radio Guests have been great!

Sharifah Hardie

You are amazing. I wouldn't be able to book 5 guests per show 5 shows per week without sites such as yours.

Nigel Beckles

I find the daily Guest Request" emails useful. I have booked some great guests!

Sam Sprunger

I appreciate the guests that we've gotten from this site! We have yet to be met by a bad or sub-par guest! We continue to keep our eyes open to see who's next on the list, for us! Good work!

Josphine Mutia

I love this website because of it, I've been able to get Guests for our shows and it's really worth it. I couldn't ask for better experts and services. Appreciate it very much.

Jessie Shedden

Only been using Radioguestlist a couple of months now but loving the opportunities they are providing and have already recommended it to more people than I can count!

Karina Kantas

I have used to find and locate the guests for my radio show.
They are professional, prompt and the first time I used them, I had over 30 authors contact me to appear on the show.
I highly recommend using this service for finding guests for your radio or podcast show.

Malcolm Gallagher

BIG shout out for all at Thanks for the free help getting QUALITY video guests for our award-winning BV-TV Network. Within 36 hours we have had well over 50 quality guest applications. Many of them are now signed to appear on one or more of our 7 business channels in the coming weeks! Many thanks again Malcolm Gallagher, anchor host of BV-TV Network at and Kim Gallagher, Guest Scheduler.


Amazing resource! It is truly better way to get publicity.
Thanks for great services

Paz Ellis

Radio Guest List is a gem! In the first week, I received 3 podcasts invitations, and this week I have 2 radio shows and another podcast! Definitely worth the money. My book is getting the attention it needs and I am meeting fantastic people!

Thank you!

June Ahern

What a generous and worthwhile site to connect with many interesting and interested others to introduce yourself and profession. I've had more than several interviews found on the guest list looking for my kind of expertise. The host of the shows are professional with prepared questions and easy manners. All of the shows interviews have had positive results afterward for me. Thank you for providing this service. And, one of the most wonderful aspects is how much better I look on radio than television! What a plus.

Ossir Jacob

Wonderful site. service, using this platform to access podcast has been amazing for me, nice work !!
God bless

Jackie Schwabe

I have to say I am nearly overwhelmed with how well the service works. I have booked at least 20 interviews in less than 3 days. I am so thankful for a service like this. Thank you Radio Guest List!

Deborrah Cooper

I posted a couple of requests for guests for upcoming shows on very challenging topics. Almost immediately, I received responses from several highly qualified individuals that were professional, full of personality, and well--versed in the subject matter. Interviewing them was a breeze. Elliot Katz, Dr. LaQuinna Erinna, Jennifer Whitacre, Kyerra Johnson, Rani Wesley, and Lori Sims have all participated in live streams this week. I've received extremely positive feedback from my tough-to-please audience, so I know I'm on the right track! I plan to use RadioGuestList.Com again for upcoming programming. Thank you for this wonderful service!

Rephoel Wolf

I just finished my first interview from and I am so happy I have signed up. What a great service! Looking forward to many more!


Amazing resource! Do you have a list of genres for your targeted resources list?

Lisa Boucher

This has been a great service. It's a wonderful way to connect people who want to speak about their area of expertise and those looking for guests. Thanks so much!

Joyce Fields is fantastic for getting exposure for your product. In my case it's great books. I have secured many interviews since I subscribed AND an INCREASE IN SALES, too!! Bringing attention to my Web site at is easier with the help of!!

It is truly worth the small monthly investment!!

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