Janelle Alex, Ph.D. + Rob Alex, Ph.D.

We love Radio Guest List. Being on both sides as a guests and as a hosts, RGL has been fabulous for us. We have experienced wonderful guests and wonderful hosts, too. RGL helped us fill out guest calendar for our new show as well as our current show for the next three months...and the new show airs 7 days a week!!

Thank you for such a great service!

Tony Gambone

This is an awesome service.... I recommend everyone should use this service!!!!!!
Thanks Again.

Coach Andrew Poretz

I submitted a query for my Coaches' Corner show last week, thinking, eh, I'll be lucky to get one or two replies. Today the query posted right in my e-mail, and within minutes, my in-box was flooded with inquiries from coaches, authors and agents, nearly all of them desirable guests for my show. One even wants me to be on his show!
Just yesterday I told a friend considering her own show that the only part of podcasting I haven't found enjoyable was finding guests. I'm beyond ecstatic and have already let my Facebook friends and Twitter followers (follow /CoachAndrew if you'd like) know all about this great service.

Dr. Robert Rose

I've used Guest List twice. Each time it brought me over 35 terrific guests that has enabled my show to grow from about 5 listeners to about 100 or almost 600 listeners a week. My focus is on CHANGING MINDSETS and each guest has been a significant CHANGE AGENT. Even with a minimum of 5 shows a week I'm still booked two months in advance. Thanks for your help! Dr.Rose


The response from potential guests wanting to be interviewed is AMAZING!!!! Thank you very much for offering this service. Radio Guest List is GREAT!!

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