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#6025: Sayin it Plain Radio needs Relationship Experts

We are looking for Relationships Experts who can be both entertaining and informative. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Radio Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is exactly what the title says. We are a show that talks about issues of importance and strives to inform our audience. On Sayin it Plain we Say it Plain and we hold no punches. On the show we discuss everything from Politics and Social and Cultural issues to Entertainment and Comedy. We are a progressive Liberal Show that uses a format of what we call "Infotainment" as our main goal is to inform... Read more →

#6022: Cable Televisions Noneillah Talk Show wants You

We at Noneillah is looking for people who loved ones was struck or killed by NJ Transit, Coach USA and School reckless bus drivers. Show Name: * Noneillah Talk Show Show Description: * The Noneillah Talk Show platform is the voice to the voiceless, and the hottest is here to help you find your voice. Noneillah is air on Manhattan New York Cable and Princeton Television Facebook Live. Show Host Name(s): Naomi Johnson and Joseph Sykes Booking Contact for Interviews: * Noneillah Entertainment Booking Email Address: * noneillahtalkshow@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 15,000 Show Format: *... Read more →

#5858: Night Dreams Talk Radio needs Paranormal Guests Now

Night Dreams Talk Radio Is looking for new guest to be on one of the best paranormal talk shows! Looking for guest in the paranormal! Also looking for guest on UFO's and aliens and bigfoot and crytip monsters! And Earth Changes! Show Name: * Night Dreams Talk Radio Show Description: * Night Dreams Talk Radio With host Gary Anderson has one of the fastest growing paranormal live take shows! Gary is live Mon-Friday 7-9 pm P.S.T. The show covers everything in the paranormal! Right now UFO's is one of the shows big topics! Show Host Name(s): Gary Anderson Booking Contact... Read more →

#6011: Out Town Live is looking for Canine Health Experts

Is seeking experts in the field of Canine health. Especially speaking on the he pro's and cons of a BARF (Beef and Raw Bones) diet. Show Name: * Out Town Live Show Description: * “There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” ― Idowu Koyenikan, My goal is to have all share information and experiences that will enhance the life of our communities. Show Host Name(s): HERBERT WILLIAMS Booking Contact for Interviews: * https://hrwfinancial.com/invitation/ Booking Email Address: * saxman70@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Primary... Read more →

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Want to learn how to get more free on-the-air interviews on radio and podcast talk shows to promote your expertise and products? Learn about our exclusive radio publicity training series here. You can get your own MP3 recording copies of all 4 hours of the best radio publicity training anywhere. This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity interviews on top radio shows, podcasts, and even TV, too. This kind of detailed, step-by-step radio publicity training is what you have been looking for to help... Read more →