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#290: Night Dreams Talk Radio After Dark talks Paranormal

Night Dreams Talk Radio After Dark need Lots of guest in the paranormal for the month of March! Have you had a encounter in the paranormal you would like to share? Maybe UFO's,Bigfoot,Aliens and more contact us! Show Name: * NIGHT DREAMS TALK RADIO AFTER DARK Show Description: * NIGHT DREAMS TALK RADIO AFTER DARK With host Gary Anderson Covers are areas of the paranormal! The show is on M-F 6-10 pm P.S.T. 9-1 am Eastern We have 2 guest on each show! Plus we do a 5 min paranormal news cast on the top of each hour! Plus We... Read more →

#6219: The After Hour Show wants You

The After Hour Show is looking for anyone with something to promote. We are a local Radio Show based in Florida but heard as far out as UK and Australia on our web based markets. All of our interviews are pre recorded so we can guarantee the best quality and take out anything our guests don't want aired. We are always respectful and never ask anything our guests don't want us to bring up. The interviews themselves are anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes due to commercial breaks and air time. We can conduct them over Skype (best quality) or... Read more →

#6417: Built to Sell Radio is calling all Founders, Owners, and CEOs

We're looking for founders, owners, and CEOs who have sold a business in the last five years. The ideal guest has lessons to share in terms of how they built a business that was attractive to acquirers, found a buyer, and navigated the sale process. Show Name: * Built to Sell Radio Show Description: * Built to Sell Radio is the ultimate insider's guide on how to sell your business. Each week, we take a deep dive into one founder or CEO's journey from how they built the business, found a buyer, and lessons learned as they navigated the sale... Read more →

#6415: The Brian Shepard Show is seeking LGBTQ + Authors

Is seeking LGBTQ + Authors. Show Name: * The Brian Shepard Show Show Description: * The Brian Shepard Show is a LIVE online show that streams via Facebook and YouTube twice a week. My viewers keep this show going, so any chance I get to bring something or someone interesting on the show, I do it. The show is relaxed, entertaining along with Education. Show Host Name(s): Brian Shepard Booking Contact for Interviews: * Linda Banks Booking Email Address: * booking@thebrianshepardshow.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Viewers may vary depending on viewer platform Show Format: * Internet... Read more →

#6414: The Great Scott Podcast is seeking Celebrities

Is seeking Celebrities. Show Name: * The Great Scott Podcast Show Description: * Motivational/Inspirational with some of your favorite people in media. Singers, actors, celebrities in tv/film and radio. Talking about the circumstances along the way and where they are now. By the end hope you leave better after listening. Show Host Name(s): Michael Scott Booking Contact for Interviews: * Michael Scott Booking Email Address: * michaeljscott1990@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 1k downloads a month Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Website: michaelthegreatscott.podiant.co... Read more →

#6410: Experiments in Pleasure seeks Sex Therapists, Sexologists

Looking to interview certified sexual therapists and sexologists for a new well-rated sexual wellness podcast. Authors and therapists are welcome. We are not accepting branded experts at this time. Thanks! Show Name: * Experiments in Pleasure Show Description: * Orgasms can be powerful, life-changing, or frustratingly elusive. Orgasmic pleasure can be one of the most fulfilling experiences attainable by humans, yet it consistently remains overlooked as a source of health, well-being, and transcendence. Each week, join world-renowned writer and transpersonal psychologist, Antonia Hall, M.A., as she interviews Pleasure Pioneer experts and shares bold “Orgasmic Inspirations”! Show Host Name(s): Antonia Hall... Read more →

#6412: In Search of Reality seeks Paranormal Experts

Is seeking psychic mediums or paranormal expert. We look at the strange things that take place in our reality. Show Name: * In Search of Reality Show Description: * We interview authors, psychic mediums, and other experts on paranormal phenomena. Some discussions include the afterlife, religion, past life regression, reality theory, ghost investigators, spirit world, entity attachments, cryptids, and aliens. Anything that is strange and unusual but in many cases has a light worker or positive message behind the story. This podcast is growing and has had many reputable people on it. The listeners expect truth and interesting interviews. We... Read more →

#6411: Voices of misery podcast seeks Supernatural Guests

Is seeking supernatural guests, experts and people with experiences with the unknown. Show Name: * Voices of misery podcast Show Description: * Show hosted by husband and wife about anything and everything. We have had on various people for interviews some famous and some even in adult entertainment and pastors. This show truly is about anything at all. Show Host Name(s): Nerd and Nerdette Booking Contact for Interviews: * Voicesofmiserypodcast@gmail.com - nerd Booking Email Address: * Voicesofmiserypodcast@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 2100+ downloads daily, 70k a month. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters +... Read more →

#289: Paranormal Soup with Host Jason Bland is Booking Guests

If you are expert in any field of the paranormal and are up for long form interview Paranormal Soup is the show for you! Paranormal Soup was listed #9 by Talkstream Lives Top 13 Paranormal Radio shows and has a growing audience on Facebook and YouTube! Show Name: * Paranormal Soup with Host Jason Bland Show Description: * Paranormal Soup is a webcast/radio show the streams live every Sunday night 11pm-2am EST. We cover all things weird and unusual! If you are an author on any subject in the paranormal or someone who has had an amazing experience come join... Read more →

#187: The My Future Business Show seeks Current Affairs Experts

The My Future Business Show is currently taking a limited number of applications to appear on the popular My Future Business Show. We are looking for Current Affairs Experts. Show Name: * The My Future Business Show Show Description: * Welcome, my name is Rick Nuske, and I'm the host of the popular My Future Business Show. The My Future Business Show offers one-to-one interviews that provide you with an effective way for you to get in front of your best audience and stay there. The show is going from strength to strength, and many of our guests comment about... Read more →

6391: The Maria Liberati Show seeks Lifestyle Experts

We interview guests that are related to food, travel, culture, art, home, garden and DIY. Show Name: * The Maria Liberati SHow Show Description: * The Maria Liberati Show is hosted by Celebrity Chef/Award Winning Author Maria Liberati and is based on her award winning blog at www.marialiberati.com where food meets art, travel and life! the show has an international appeal with guests from all over the world! Maria has a knack for combining food with art ,travel and life and home and garden and DIY and more! Guests are asked to share their appearance on their social media and... Read more →

#6335: Marriage Talk Tuesdays with Tory & Teri seeks Couple Experts

We are looking for expert guests in the subject of marriage and relationships, authors or married couples Show Name: * Marriage Talk Tuesdays w/Tory & Teri Show Description: * Marriage Talk Tuesdays w/Tory & Teri is a globally produced show that is broadcasted on Gospelradionation.com and simulcast on Facebook Live on I Forever Will Christian Marriage Counseling. Tory and Teri are Nationally Board Certified Christian Marriage Counselors that dispels the notion that people of color actually do seek counseling and understand the benefits of doing so. They operate under a concept of 'Winning as One!' The guests that appear on... Read more →

#6409: Afternoon Coffee with Mike and Tim seeks Authors

Is seeking Authors of true and uplifting stories or self help books. Show Name: * Afternoon Coffee with Mike and Tim Show Description: * A fun show with variety, Interviewing interesting people you may never had heard of...but we think you should! We have interviewed authors, actors, pastors and radio personalities. Our podcasts are family friendly and will always offer up something we can learn from our guests. That's really what keeps us doing this podcast! Show Host Name(s): Mike Tarnow and Tim Miller Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mike Tarnow or Tim Miller Booking Email Address: * afternooncoffeepodcast@gmail.com Audience... Read more →

#6408: SynergyCafe with MagicBrad is seeking Affiliate Marketers

Is seeking Affiliate Marketers. Show Name: * SynergyCafe with MagicBrad Show Description: * SynergyCafe is a VIDEO Talk Show where MagicBrad and Guests have conversations about business, marketing, opportunities and lifestyle by design. We have a casual getting to know you conversation than moves into what you do and what you offer, and a CTA (Call To Action) close as to how viewers can contact you about your offerings. Show Host Name(s): BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM Booking Contact for Interviews: * BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM Booking Email Address: * magicbradpresents@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * We are targeting Opportunity... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Business Experts

Between The Lines seeks guests who are experts at helping startups and small businesses get set up in an efficient, cost effective manner. Preferably an online but also includes a brick and mortar business for those inclined. Many authors and speakers are building a business behind their craft and need advice, tips, simple tools and resources that will keep them driven, motivated and they will see progress towards their goals. Show Name: * Between The Lines Show Description: * The only place where 'real' is an understatement when it comes to being interviewed! According to guests, the depth of questioning,... Read more →

#6388: KSHP AM1400 The Senior Bulletin seeks Life Insurance Experts

I am seeking a guest who is knowledgeable in Life Insurance. Show Name: * The Senior Bulletin Show Description: * The Senior Bulletin is a weekly talk show that discusses issues that matter to seniors. The primary topics of the show are Medicare, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Health and Nutrition and Well Being. Each week industry experts are invited on the show to discuss the things that seniors need to know to live happy and prosperous lives. Show Host Name(s): Darren Marlow Booking Contact for Interviews: * Darren Marlow Booking Email Address: * darren@theseniorbulletin.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your... Read more →

#6400: Screaming Chuy Show is looking for Guest in the Adult Film Industry

I would like to interview guest with experience or knowledge in the adult film industry. Show Name: * screaming chuy show Show Description: * I talk about anything and everything. Topics can be about: history of heavy metal, conspiracies, origins or religion, violent and bizarre ancient sports, alternative trauma therapy, how to overthrow a government, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, and much more. All in a comedic view Show Host Name(s): jesus paz Booking Contact for Interviews: * screamingchuy@gmail.com or my fb page - Screaming Chuy Show Booking Email Address: * screamingchuy@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

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Email addresses for podcast producers and radio talk show bookers are closely guarded and valuable. They're hard to find but we've been collecting them for you for years! With email addresses you can easily contact shows to get FREE publicity interviews. And that publicity can be done all without leaving the safety of your "work from home" office, too. What’s the #1 source for the private email addresses of podcasters and radio show producers? The new 2020 edition of the Podcasts & Radio Shows Directory, of course. This new podcasts directory offers you HUNDREDS of exclusive show listings, each with... Read more →

#6406: Dare to be Authentic Radio seeks Authentic Guests

Is seeking person with a story of how being authentic has enhanced their life and wishes to encourage and inspire others. Show Name: * Dare to be Authentic Radio Show Description: * Dare to be Authentic Radio offers weekly interviews with leading coaches, authors, therapists, authors, mentors, teachers, healers, doctors, spiritual teachers and many others who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life. The purpose of the show is to inspire and encourage others. Show Host Name(s): Mari Mitchell Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mari Mitchell (954) 243-7297 Booking Email Address: * marimitchellcoaching@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your... Read more →

#6405: Inner Strength Podcast is looking for Inspiring Guest

Inner Strength Podcast is in search of people that want to share their stories of overcoming what seems like insurmountable odds to meet their goal. Athletes, coaches, business leaders, positive thinkers. We want to hear from you! Inner Strength podcast has a mission to share positive stories. I myself am a person working through FSHD muscular dystophy and know how hard it can be to keep a positive outlook. I created this podcast to shine a light on those stories. Show Description: * The Inner Strength Podcast offers the listener a place to learn, grow, and become inspired. Episodes are... Read more →

#6404: WGKA AM 920 The Active Wealth Show is looking for Business Owners

We are looking for business owners to appear on The Active Wealth Show. We want to get their take on the current economic and political environment, what they need from local and national government to be successful and what they are doing to plan for their own retirement. We also want business owner guests to share their plans for business operation during the Covid-19 Pandemic, etc. Show Name: * The Active Wealth Show Show Description: * Welcome to The Active Wealth Show! Your Host is Ford Stokes, Founder and CEO with Active Wealth Management. Ford is passionate about educating pre-retirees,... Read more →

#6403: Better health for Women and Men is seeking Educators

Is seeking educators. Show Name: * Better health for Women and Men Show Description: * Looking for writers and interviewer for my show and online magazine. My show is about health and a life style change. I am looking for bloggers that would love to get their work out and for people that would love to get interview. If you are vegan I welcome you. You can share some of your foods ideas with us. Thank you Show Host Name(s): Lady Mascheria Booking Contact for Interviews: * Lady Mascheria Booking Email Address: * bhfaawm@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your... Read more →

#6401: The Andrew Schutt Show is looking for Game Thoery Expert

Is looking for an expert on Game Theory to have a discussion with. Show Name: * The Andrew Schutt Show Show Description: * "Having interesting conversations with interesting people." This is a very casual, conversational show that I started for the simple reason that I'm a curious guy and I like to learn about things. I'm not a fan of peddling popular ideologies; I'm a fan of having real, raw, authentic conversation. That's what this show is for. Show Host Name(s): Andrew Schutt Booking Contact for Interviews: * Andrew Schutt Booking Email Address: * andrew@schuttmedia.com Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

#6402: I Saw The Beatles Needs Guests Who Saw The Beatles Play

Brand new 15 minute weekly podcast is looking to interview people who saw The Beatles play live in the 1960s. We want to hear your story and so do our fans! Show Name: * I Saw The Beatles Show Description: * A 15 minute weekly podcast featuring Beatles fans who saw the Fab Four play live in their heyday in the 1960s. "I Saw The Beatles" podcast is a spin-off of Beatles Freak Reviews website (www.BeatlesFreakReviews.com) Show Host Name(s): Jennifer Vanderslice Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jennifer Vanderslice Booking Email Address: * beatles.freak.reviews@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

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Black Rights = Human Rights

Our country’s founding documents claim that human rights are inalienable. It’s time we all acted like it. Today we’d like to clearly state that the treatment of black Americans in the United States must improve. We are adding our voices to the chorus of anti-racist activism due to recent events. Compounded historical disadvantages, long-standing prejudices, institutionalized discrimination, and racism must stop. At RadioGuestList.com a significant part of our mission has always been to encourage dialogue and help under-represented ideas and expertise reach the media. We believe that America, and the world, gets stronger through free expression and conversation. As members... Read more →

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