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#5830: High Octane Influencer needs Influencers

Black Influencers/entrepreneurs with a large social media following. Show Name: * High Octane Influencer Show Description: * New and Noteworthy show that represents 30,000 business owners across the social media space. This show is a 20-30 minute masterclass that will give insight to small business owners. This is an everyday podcast. We need high quality guests that want to be a part of something great. Show Host Name(s): JT Campbell Booking Contact for Interviews: * JT Campbell Booking Email Address: * blackinfluencersnetwork@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Over 30,000 Black authors, podcasters, influencers/entrepreneurs Show Format: * Recorded... Read more →

#163: The Douglas Coleman Show is seeking Entertainment Industry Guests

We are looking for guests from all aspects of the entertainment industry. See show description. Show Name: * The Douglas Coleman Show Show Description: * The Douglas Coleman show is a syndicated talk and music show that features fascinating and sometimes famous guests from all aspects of the entertainment industry. The topics can range from light and fluffy to sober and serious. Our focus is on music artists but we also feature actors, film makers, screen writers, authors and even promoters. The Douglas Coleman show, sometimes chat, sometimes music, always entertaining. Show Host Name(s): Douglas Coleman Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

#5828: It's Your Break wants to Inspire You

We are looking for guests that inspire, host parties, go on adventures or setup adventures and most of all those who know how to teach other how to have fun! If you have a way of connecting to an audience and keeping them locked in on your topic of conversation we wan to hear from you! Feel free to make us a pitch. One disclaimer, please do not pitch us politically or religiously targeted topics as we are currently overwhelmed with them. Thank you for your time and consideration. Show Name: * It's Your Break Show Description: * It’s Your... Read more →

#161: Mature Preneurs Talk seeks Over 50s New StartUps With Surprise Outcome

Does this apply to you? In preparation for an upcoming podcast series and related inspirational book, we want to interview those who have created a new venture after 55 or 60 plus, and perhaps experienced unexpected positive benefits, like feeling more alert, energized, younger, and ‘alive’? The related book for Mature Preneurs Talk podcast is planned to be published before May this year. Only those who have been a guest on the MPT Podcast are eligible to participate in this significant book. Show Name: * Mature Preneurs Talk Show Description: * Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast connects over 50 guests, who’ve... Read more →

#5800: Pure Mind Magic is looking for Mind and Brain Experts

Also people who are experts on the mind/brain...mental techniques, mindset, visualization, high performance through mental training, meditation. Its about picking brains and deliver high value content for my audience. Show Name: * PURE MIND MAGIC Show Description: * The show is produced in Germany and airs worldwide 2 times a week. The show is about brilliant minds sharing their mindset and thoughts to create "magical results" in live and in business. Also sharing life design strategies to reach goals faster. In the interview you have 45 min clean air time and a welcome to promote your services/book/events. It is a... Read more →

#160: Ask Sharifah is looking for Business Experts

Business owners and entrepreneurs. Show Name: * Ask Sharifah Show Description: * Enjoy a video interview as a guest on 'Ask Sharifah' with Host Sharifah Hardie. Ms. Hardie interviews top celebrities, business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers via video as they share their thoughts on today’s most relevant topics and latest trends. Sharifah asks the questions viewers always wanted to know from today’s top experts and influencers. Each episode allows the guest to provide their expertise, wisdom, guidance and personal story in a way audiences love. Initially starting as host of the "Ask Sharifah Radio Show" Ms. Hardie has interviewed some... Read more →

#5825: WVIP 93.5 FM The King And Queen seeks Entertainers

Entertainers, artist, performers, singers, dancers. Show Name: * The King And Queen Radio Show Show Description: * From Brooklyn NY, World renown psychic Sister Dobong offers her advice, lucky numbers, and interviews artists. We also can provide you with our platform to expose your talents and promote your music, business, service or event. Show Host Name(s): Sister Dobong Booking Contact for Interviews: * Holly White 347-699-6892 Booking Email Address: * kingandqueenradio@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 18-55 years of age 52% female 48% male Over 12 million listeners worldwide Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio... Read more →

#5828: Podcasting for Coaches is seeking Online Coaches

Looking for online coaches and/or consultants who can share about a specific way their podcast has positively impacted their business. Examples would be new clients, dramatically increasing your audience and brand recognition, establishing yourself as an expert in your niche, networking with others in your industry, business partnerships, media exposure, etc. Show Name: * Podcasting for Coaches Show Description: * Podcasting for Coaches helps guide coaches and consultants through the process of launching a podcast of their own and then using that podcast to it's full potential to help them gain more brand awareness, networking connections, and leads. The interviews... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Business Experts

Between The Lines seeks guests who are experts at helping startups and small businesses get set up in an efficient, cost effective manner. Preferably an online but also includes a brick and mortar business for those inclined. Many authors and speakers are building a business behind their craft and need advice, tips, simple tools and resources that will keep them driven, motivated and they will see progress towards their goals. Show Name: * Between The Lines Show Description: * The only place where 'real' is an understatement when it comes to being interviewed! According to guests, the depth of questioning,... Read more →

#5795: WVIP 93.5 FM King And Queen seeks Entertainers

Entertainers, artist, performers, singers, dancers, magicians. Show Name: * King And Queen radio show Show Description: * From Brooklyn NY, World renown psychic Sister Dobong offers her advice, lucky numbers, and interviews artists. We also can provide you with our platform to expose your talents and promote your music, business, service or event. Show Host Name(s): Sister Dobong Booking Contact for Interviews: * Holly White 347-699-6892 Booking Email Address: * kingandqueenradio@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 18-55 years of age 52% female 48% male Over 10 million listeners worldwide Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio... Read more →

#5823: iHeart Radio's The Songwriter Show is seeking Music Experts

Any genre of music, songwriters can do lyrics or any Music or instrument or any combination. Show Name: * The Songwriter Show Show Description: * The Songwriter Show is broadcast live on #1 ranked W4CY Radio with listeners in all 206 countries in the world and every state in the US. The station is also licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange with partnerships throughout the music industry including iHeartRadio with exposure to over 300 million listeners. Show Host Name(s): Sarantos Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sarantos Booking Email Address: * info@melogia.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

#5820: Fireside Chats with Crystal seeks Jobs/Wages Expert

I'm looking for an economist, political expert, or an expert through experience who understands our American system of work and wages. This podcast is part of a larger curriculum to educate everyday Americans about our over-arching systems. The topic for the month is jobs. Our discussion could span the history of jobs in U.S., wage inequity, how we stack up internationally, or thought leadership around work and wages. The important qualifier is the desire for my guest to add value and discuss real-life issues that Americans face. Show Name: * Fireside Chats with Crystal Show Description: * It seems like... Read more →

#5819: Salaahs Corner seeks Your Political Opinions

I’m looking for people not afraid to share their politics views on a wide variety of political topics ranging from: The #metoo movement to law enforcement, gun ownership, race, education, sexual orientation, women’s rights, civil rights and so much more! Show Name: * Salaahs Corner Show Description: * Recording out of Rec Philly, Salaahs Corner Podcast focuses on topics that impact average Americans. Each episode is designed to connect people with social issues and politics. All to empower and educate them to get involved. The discussions I have dive deep into equal representation, equal pay, racism at work and in... Read more →

#5822: Syndicated Radio Show Safety Talk needs Safety & Security Experts

Public safety and security including law enforcement professionals, security experts and campus safety professionals as well as those who represent security products and solutions. This includes representatives of companies that deal with video surveillance, access control, cybersecurity, personal safety products, and others. Show Name: * Safety Talk: Improving Your Online & Offline Personal Safety In Minutes, Not Months Show Description: * Safety Talk improves the personal safety of people both the online and offline. Our show covers the best practices for securing your technology, identity, finances and data. The show also addresses various aspects of physical safety including the best... Read more →

#5815: WENO 760 AM Your Turn wants to Speak to Women

WOMEN: Celebrating National Women's History Month in March and I'd like to interview women of various ethnic background with varying levels of expertise of interest to our community. I'm particularly interested in women's issues on: meToo, abortion/reproductive rights, Economic Justice, Racial Justice, LGBTQ Rights, Wages, Domestic violence, betray cheating partners -can it be healed?, parenting and career juggling, and any issues related to African American women. We have a large African American listenership locally. However, the show is also live-streamed globally. Show Name: * Your Turn Show Description: * It's a hot new radio talk show on a gospel formatted... Read more →

#5818: Spiritually Speaking With Tamala Coleman is seeking Spiritual Inspirations

Seeking Christian Spiritual Testimonies, Encouraging guests who have been delivered and would like to share their stories about their journeys. Guest consist of Authors, Motivational Speakers, anyone who can inspire my audience. Show Name: * Spiritually Speaking With Tamala Coleman Show Description: * Spiritually Speaking is about encouraging and inspiring through testimonials, life's journeys, struggles and deliverance stories, relationships. Break-through's and inspirational subjects. Most importantly we speak about the love of God and teachable moments and current information. Show Host Name(s): Tamala Coleman Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tamala Coleman Booking Email Address: * tcpraise14@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

#5817: Upscale Ignorance seeks Entertainment Guests

Touring Music Artists, Professional Athletes, Public Figures and Bloggers/Vloggers. Show Name: * Upscale Ignorance Show Description: * Upscale Ignorance is Seattle’s space for conversation about the Culture. For millennials making moves, talking about the things that matter to them, both important and fun. Whether you feel upscale, ignorant, or a healthy mix of both, we have something for you. Topics include Music, Sports, Entertainment, Fitness and Mental Health, Justice Reform, and The always fun “Questions For the Culture” Whether upcoming events in Seattle or having a goal to discuss and promote to a nationwide network of young, culture forward thinkers... Read more →

#5640: 20 Minutes of Influence seeks Ecommerce Influencers and Online Business Owners

Those experienced with selling products online, whether you be a brand or an influencer. I'm looking for those with a unique perspective on influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and other ways to help a business grow their online sales. Show Name: * 20 Minutes of Influence Show Description: * Interviews with leading business owners and influencers. The show focuses on helping you sell more online, specifically physical products that are sold on ecommerce websites. What are the best ways to market your online store? How can you use influencers, affiliates, JV partners, brand ambassadors, and even your customers to promote your... Read more →

#5814: Gratcast seeks Artists Who Won't Sacrifice Integrity For Success

We want to talk to talented and driven artists who have made their path more difficult than it needed to be for the sake of your integrity. We want to celebrate character and share your story while having an open conversation about what we can do as artists to take control over our own careers and not allow the establishment to hold any power over us. Show Name: * Gratcast - Taking on Hollywood and telling the tales. Show Description: * Hosted by filmmaker and Gratwick founder Kris Hulbert, Gratcast is a weekly podcast about bringing accountability to the entertainment... Read more →

#5816: Mr. Ronald's Neighborhood wants you to be his Neighbor

Ron will talk to anyone. Show Name: * Mr. Ronald's Neighborhood Show Description: * Ron is a newly retired man with strong community ties. He has always had an open door policy with his friends and neighbors, now he has an open door podcast. Won't you be Ron's neighbor? Show Host Name(s): Ron Booking Contact for Interviews: * Greg Smith Booking Email Address: * MrRonsNeighborhood@outlook.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Ron's just starting. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * WMRN How many episodes have... Read more →

#5811: I Do Podcast seeks Therapists and Psychologists

Therapists and Psychologists. Show Name: * I Do Podcast Show Description: * I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode we interview amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love. Our guests will provide daily tips to improve your relationship, advice for young couples, amazing... Read more →

#5813: Fraudsters Radio needs Consumer Fraud Experts

Fraudsters Radio seeks guest experts that can speak about consumer fraud. Our goal is to educate the public to fraud, have out guest explain how fraud can be prevented and what can be done if a consumer has been defrauded. Our typical guest is an attorney, detective, fraud investigator or analyst. We cover all types of consumer fraud: mortgage fraud, paypal fraud, bank fraud, dating fraud, wiring scams, charity fraud, IRS fraud, social media fraud, etc. If you can speak as an expert on fraud, we'd like to hear from you! Show Name: * Fraudsters Radio Show Description: * Fraudster’s... Read more →

#5812: Tips in 20 is seeking Guest Speaker

We are looking for an Image Strategist for our upcoming FB Live show called Tips in 20. Show Name: * Tips in 20 Show Description: * Bold Entity is a Dallas-based strategic branding and marketing agency, with a mission to help growing businesses succeed. One of the ways we are doing that is through our “TIPS in 20” Facebook Live events, where we and a one or two other experts share tips and valuable information with business owners and entrepreneurs in twenty minutes. The discussion time will include our Bold Entity Founder, Valerie Jimenez, who will be hosting and helping... Read more →

#5810: The Graham Zima Show is looking for Alzheimers Expert

'The Graham Zima Show' is currently looking for a guest with expertise on the subject of Alzheimer's disease. The guest should be able to discuss how the disease works and possible solutions that are currently being investigated in the modern medical field. Show Name: * The Graham Zima Show Show Description: * Every Tuesday, Graham Zima attempts to explore the crazy world we inhabit through conversations on culture, media, and human behavior. The show includes interviews, discussions on current events, and segments such as 'Chuckle's Five Minute Reviews'. Show Host Name(s): Graham Zima Booking Contact for Interviews: * Graham Zima... Read more →

#5809: Careers Over Coffee seeks Professionals

We are seeking experienced professionals from any industry or profession (including entrepreneurs) to share their: Career journey, insights, strategies, tips, and tricks other helpful information or resources for our college and young professional audience. Our listeners are people from the age of 18-34 who are coming out of college looking to launch their career, people who feel stuck in their current career, and others who are looking to make a career change, with some looking to venture into entrepreneurship for the first time. Show Name: * Careers Over Coffee Show Description: * Careers Over Coffee is a podcast focused on... Read more →

#5808: Bootstrapping Your Dreams is calling Successful Entrepreneurs

Calling bootstrapped and successful entrepreneurs for a podcast interview. We are looking for people who became successful without VC funding, by being resourceful and scrappy. We want to show others how success can be achieved by bootstrapping and being creative. Show Name: * Bootstrapping your dreams Show Description: * So... the big question is this... how are ambitious people like us... who don't have a lot of resources...did not go to ivy league colleges...were not born into wealth...how do we become resourceful enough...use our creativity...our dedication...and little bit of crazy...to bootstrap our way to realizing our dreams...whether it is launching... Read more →

#5807: The Ms. Reason Show seeks Entrepreneurs

Full-time entrepreneurs, business men and women. Show Name: * The Ms. Reason Show Show Description: * It's hard to be an unapologetic and passionate entrepreneur with so many projects. Each Tuesday and Thursday join Ms. Reason, a full-time multitasking entrepreneur as she interviews guests who are making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality daily. If you have taken that leap or want to start that journey, or just want to hear some great advice and tips this is the podcast for you. Show Host Name(s): Marie Summers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Marie Summers Booking Email Address: * themsreasonshow@gmail.com Audience Size... Read more →

#5806: Reality First needs You

We would like anyone established. We are trying to grow our new podcast and this would allow us to have credibility and promote. A radio personality would be great. Show Name: * Reality First Show Description: * We are a new podcast with interesting topics ranging from sports, pop culture, technology, and anything relevant. The show isn’t scripted, myself and my cohost just have open discussions about the weekly topics. We have Chris’s corner where my cohost brings up a topic that stuck out to him during the week (last week was the story about the male nurse who raped... Read more →

#158: The First Podcast seeks Interesting Stories

We're looking for people with an interesting story. Show Name: * The First Podcast Show Description: * Comedy podcast and talk show with a growing, substantial reach in Orange County, the Twin Cities, the UK, and internationally. Witty, playful, and only formal when it needs to be. Very conversational. "Sitting down with a guest to just chat about everything under the sun" style show, unless the guest has something specific on their mind. Show Host Name(s): Lars Housholder and Joseph Rosenblum Booking Contact for Interviews: * Lars and Joseph are the hosts and are happy to speak with you directly... Read more →

#5804: Soul Curious needs Spiritual & Self Development Coaches

Spiritual teacher/leader on topics such as crystal healing, reiki, spirit guides, Astral projection, chakras, yoga, oracle cards, astrology/numerology. Show Name: * Soul Curious Show Description: * Soul Curious is a podcast created to bring awareness to Spirituality and self development, diving deeper into our soul’s purpose. - I want to connect & share with others who bring light into the world. Show Host Name(s): Sammy Anderson Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sammy Anderson Booking Email Address: * soulcurious@outlook.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * -Women 24-40 yrs -shoe size: 160 average downloads -topics on spirituality, mysticism, angels, spirit,... Read more →