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#6143: Ghostman Radio Station seeks Entertainers

Is seeking authors, comedy, music, films, no subject off limit. Show Name: * Ghostman Radio Station Show Description: * I am going to invite this on my podcast to do a interview like we are having a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits,what biscuit s do you require?.Why my podcast radio station well it's free and I promise you have a a great time.subjects..Author s,comedy,paranormal,Bigfoot,crytptozoloogy,aliens,music,horror,films,no subject off limits. I will share all interviews on YouTube,Blogger,Facebook,Twitter all I reqiure from you is a bio and a picture it that easy. Show Host Name(s): Mark Antony Raines... Read more →

#6617: Night Dreams Talk Radio After Dark talks Paranormal

Night Dreams Talk Radio After Dark Is always looking for guest in the paranormal! Have you had a encounter in the paranormal you would like to share? Maybe UFO's,Bigfoot,Aliens and more contact us! Show Name: * NIGHT DREAMS TALK RADIO AFTER DARK Show Description: * NIGHT DREAMS TALK RADIO AFTER DARK With host Gary Anderson Covers are areas of the paranormal! The show is on M-F 6-10 pm P.S.T. 9-1 am Eastern We have 2 guest on each show! Plus we do a 5 min paranormal news cast on the top of each hour! Plus We have Tobais Wayland Give... Read more →