Looking forward to your ebook version!

Hi Desiree, Julie, Kristine, Beverly, Janice (and everybody else),

The Replays are now available for you to order.

Just click on the BUY NOW buton above!


I would love to get the replays. Thank you.

Terri Bennett

I would be interested in replays or transcripts of teleseminars. Thanks!

Kristine Santamaria

I missed the first two teleseminars. Is there anyway to get the transcripts or audio recordings? I would really like to see/hear them ASAP! Looking forward to this Thurs! Please send the first two!! Thank you.


I would love to view a replay of the sessions. I originally thought I could make them, but unexpected obligations arose. Please let me know if available.

Beverly Magid

Was out of town 2/28. Would love a script or transcript.


I would like to have a replay and/or ebook.

Hi Everybody,

We were planning NO REPLAYS of these classes BUT due to your popular demand we are now accepting PRE-ORDERS for MP3s of the sessions.

If you use the link above to pre-order now, you can get MP3s of ALL FOUR sessions! (See details above.)

We may also be transcribing the sessions into an exclusive new "How to Get Radio Interviews" EBOOK for purchase after the sessions have all finished.

If you're interested in the MP3 Replays, please order above.
And, if you'd like an ebook please leave a comment so we can decide whether or not to make it?

Glad you are enjoying our free classes so much!

Stacey Cox

I work at that time but would love to have a replay if possible.
I am central time which means I would have to listen at 4 pm. Please get back with me on the replay
Thanks so much.

Vincent Genna

Definitely would like a transcript or podcast, please!

Tara Marie

Hello! I just listened to the second teleseminar in your 4 part series! I missed last week (Feb 21) due to a work commitment. Any chance you will offer a replay link? I would like to catch up on what I missed!

thanks, Tara Marie

Nick Ward

A replay/transcript would be helpful as I had to dial in a bit late...

Tara Marie

Hello! Thank you so much for this series! I had a work conflict and had to miss last week, the first teleseminar, on Feb 21 from 5-6 PM EST. Any chance that you would post a link to a replay of it please? I will be available for all the other 3, barring any unforeseens!

Thanks, Tara Marie

chris vaca

A re-play would be most helpful. Thanks


so sorry to miss today = please add me to the transcript list

Carol Round

Yes, please provide transcripts and replay! Thank you!

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes

It sounds great but that is too late for me. I live in Germany. That will be 11:00 pm for me.

Would there be a recording copy or a transcription available for us to hear or read?

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