Tracy Swain

This service always provides wonderful quality guests. A great resource to have in your back pocket when you need it. And saves you time too!

Rodney Mathers

I've used this excellent service many times over the years to book guests for my podcast. It because of Radio Guest List that my podcast, although addressing a small, very specific demographic, has helped people numerous times through the information provided by the guests I have found here. Fantastic and much appreciated!

Michelle Mortensen

Thank you for what you provide. Hope to have a very long and productive working relationship with you guys

Gary Anderson

Great service...What more can i say!

Daena Smoller

Thank-you for providing a valuable resource with quality guest leads.

Dr. Jeanette

I have used this service, once a year, to gather new authors and people who are just starting out on speaking about their work. I would have over thirty new emails within the first 24 hours of publication and they are reputable leads. Over 75% of those who reach out, are scheduled for a show. Thank you for the option to connect with others who are seeking to speak about their work.

Pete Canavan, Personal Safety Expert

Just started my own podcast, "Safety Talk" after being a guest on over 40 shows in the last 20 months or so. In just the first post requesting guests, I have booked 8 so far! Great service for both guests and hosts/PR firms. Thanks so much for what you do! I'll have to buy a round for your office! Stay safe!

Shawn Graham w. Chasing The Truth

Great service... Love the guests that Radio Guest List puts me in touch with.. I plan on using this service again and again

Diana Todd-Banks

Radio Guest List is an absolutely wonderful service. I have received your newsletters for years now.

Thank you everyone.

Rick Nuske

The My Future Business Show has interviewed dozens of high quality guests via Radio Guest List.

Always impressive!

Rick Nuske

Gary Anderson

This works! We get great guests for our show! Saves hours of cold call! Gary Anderson

George Wilder  Jr.

I have used this before, and I want to say, just awesome.

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