Bill Deane

Have three booked this upcoming week. Two in december and one in January so far, with most all of them thanks to you. Guessing about 45 counting 6 repeats, since we started this a couple of months back.

Valarie Denise

I have been using your services regularly, and as recent as this past Saturday. I must say that I have never been more pleased with your "featured guests" than other services I have tried.

The most recent, Dr. Daniel Twogood, brought great awareness and "ability" to my global listeners, and for that I am profoundly grateful!

Keep up the great work radio guest list --- i will continue to see whose out there -- starting with RGL for sure!

Grace and peace,

Valarie Denise / Lady V
The Smooth Voice of Urban Talk & Gospel Radio



Heidi Thompson

Since signing up with RadioGuestList less than a month ago, I have had ten requests to talk about my book Calm Focus Joy. It has been a great pleasure connecting with amazing people who are using radio to spread positive energy and ideas around the world. Thank you again RadioGuestList!

Wendy Williams

Promoting The Globalisation of Love as a Featured Guest Expert on was wonderful for publicity.

I have been invited as a guest on several radio and podcast shows across the U.S.A.

Thank you for providing such great service!

Will Roberts

I found and was impressed from the start.

The cost is low, and if you know anything about a service like this it can run in the THOUSANDS! the is the LAST thing new authors and experts can afford is the run around and the time it takes to find credible programs to be a guest on, takes care of that.

I have already started booking shows as a FEATURED GUEST EXPERT and as a POLITICAL and SOCIAL Humorist in this SILLY season a service like this is PRICELESS, luckly it has a price and that is LOW PRICE with a great return on your dollar...

Will Roberts

Clete Bulach

I have been on Voice of America and Voice of Russia. I have three more bookings.

Janine Godwin, Certified Professional Organizer

Thank you RadioGuestList for exceeding my expectations. I have had countless interview requests, and it has been a wonderful tool to help me market my expertise. I have enjoyed speaking to listeners all over the country and world, and all the hosts have been amazing. The best part? When I receive requests to appear again on shows!

Kamran Akbarzadeh

I'd like to thank for great way of introducing me to media. Since the time I became a featured Guest Expert and Sponsor I have got 10 requests for interviews. That feels good.

Thank you


I have had a record-breaking 122 interview requests for my show! Thank you RadioGuestList!!!

Eleazar Kadile M.D.

We have had a quick response to our posting and booked two shows already!

Tammy Gagnon

I have used other outlets to get my novel out to viewers and I have had more request for Interviews in 1 week than I did within the entire time with other forms of promoting.
I would definitely recommend if you want results!

Jerry Smith

I have been overwhelmed with requests to do radio shows from my Featured Guest Expert listing.

In my first full week, I lost count but the number totaled over 15.

I am also receiving requests from other sources and efforts of my own and yesterday I did my first TV show.

Mark Hunneman

I have recieved numerous interviews as a result of your Featured Guest Expert service....thanks you!!

William Shifflett, Guest Expert on Generational Curses

Hey people,

Radio guest list's Featured Guest Experts is a fantastic service. I have landed 8 interviews since I signed up.

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