Jill Hart

Promoting my expertise on was a great publicity strategy for me.

My Featured Guest Expert posting quickly got me booked on several podcast and radio shows.

Dr. Art Capperauld

Your system works. I have had great success in obtaining many interviews and I am looking forward to even more in the future.

Thanks for everything.

Peter Rosenberger

From the Israel to California, I received a WAVE of request for bookings through my page on Radio Guest List. I'm pleased with my decision to work with

Shirley Gutkowski

We've had two featured guests on our radio show from and they were wonderful interviews. Each interviewee was knowledgeable and personable. Dr. Art Capperauld and David Merkatz were great selections from the available pool of talent offered here. Please review their shows on Cross Link Radio and decide for yourself.
I would recommend guests from Radio Guest List based on our experience.
Thanks again for great guests!

Brad Johnson

In my first month of using, I've already received nearly a dozen radio show requests and they have been outstanding interviews.

I recommend Radio Guest List for anyone who's looking to help build themselves up and establish their services. Thank you!

Chad C. Meek UFOLOGIST/ Executive Producer Giant Rock The Movie

I first started using the free portion of Radio Guest List over a year ago. And had very good results. I was grateful for the free service so I actually donated money to them because it actually worked! When their low cost fee service became available I thought "what the hell" I might just as well buy the service.
WOW !! The interview requests have been over the top for me to speak on the UFO phenomena and my film project Giant Rock The Move... I AM BOOKED ALL SUMMER !!

Jill Ammon Vanderwood

I decided to join Radio Guest List as a Featured Radio Guest Expert, because I liked the visibility offered with my picture, the picture of my book and a full page of information about my expertise.

I signed up on a weekend and by Monday my ad had gone out through email and I began receiving phone calls. When I checked my email I had nine more interview requests. I was booked for eleven interviews after the first day.

I have already been on five radio shows and I still receive a few interview requests each week.

I'm recommending Radio Guest List to all of my author friends! Unbelievable!

January Jones

I just wanted to report that I have been booked for 15 interviews since I posted as an Expert at your website. This is the best publicity on the Internet.

You are doing a great job and thxs so much.

January Jones sharing Success Stories

Connie Allen

I cannot thank Radio Guest List enough for the Featured Guest Expert opportunity of giving me a chance to be interviewed on so many Radio Shows.

To be able to share my book; The Casino through a Dealer's Eyes with the world not only is giving me a wonderful opportunity but it is also giving the host an opportunity to invite us to be on their show. I also cannot say thank you enough to all the great hosts who have given me that honor to appear on their shows.

For those who are on the fence of deciding to become a Featured Guest Expert go ahead and come on board. You will not be sorry.

I bless the day I made the decision.
Connie Allen

Daniel Kamen, D.C.

I bought my Radio Guest List ad just a few weeks ago and already I've been on four radio shows, two were syndicated.

Plus I'm booked on two more. So far so good!

Edward L. Brownlee

I am very pleased with the Featured Guest Expert service.

Within the first three weeks, I have had five interviews with seven more coming.


Mark Davis, MD President of Davis Book Reviews and Healthnets Review Services

This very excellent service has alerted many media outlets to my book's existence and my background. I have been approached by many terrestrial radio stations, excellent podcasters and other media outlets.

A Featured Guest Expert Listing should be an integral part of any PR campaign to display a book, product or professional expertise.

The administrators of Radio Guest List were extremely helpful in their efforts to alert the media to my presence.

Thanks guys.

Linda  Baron Katz

I have done at least five radio shows from your list after dong the featured guest expert. What you do for so many authors is excellent.

Len Lamensdorf

The online response to my Featured Guest Expert listing has been very good -- 15 interviews so far, and 4 actual appearances, all of which have been dynamic and, I think, effective.

There's been a bump in book sales and I'm hoping for even more as the word spreads.

Thanks, you're worth it.

Len Lamensdorf

Tamara Dorris

HOLY COW! My cup runneth over!

I’m promoting your Featured Guest Expert service on twitter and to my author friends.

This Featured Guest Expert listing is aweseome!

Thank you!

Melody J. Anderson, LCSW

If you have something important you want to share,want to say, or want to sell on radio, is your #1 resource.
In a few simple steps, you can connect with hundreds of on-air shows looking for guests that will reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.
I am a radio therapist, and offer my support to listeners suffering from addiction, trauma, mental illness, family & couple conflict and making 7 dealing with life changes.

Denise Messenger

I have had very positive radio guest outcomes doing over nine shows in course if couple months since the release if my book. Thank you for the opportunity to get exposure for my book and to bring vital information to the public.

Bill Deane

Have three booked this upcoming week. Two in december and one in January so far, with most all of them thanks to you. Guessing about 45 counting 6 repeats, since we started this a couple of months back.

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