La Tonya Davison-Host of Mental Speak

I credit Radio Guest List for single-handedly contributing to the increased quality of my show. The guests have been interesting, knowledgeable, and gracious.

It is not easy to find back-to-back guests for a radio show. With one email, I no longer had to leave home to get connected with amazing people around the country. I have the capacity to book almost every week until the end of the year. I appreciate this platform. This is what networking is all about.

Pete Canavan

I must say that making the decision to put a profile on has been one of the best things I have done to get more appearances on radio and podcasts. It has given me more "bang for the buck" than other, more expensive services. Having hosts and producers contact me without having to try and chase them down is so much better! LOL! In just 5 weeks, I've been on some major shows and the requests keep coming.

Thanks for all your help - I can't thank you enough for the quality programs that have found my profile on your site. The interviews have been great, and further helping me entrench myself as the world's top Personal Safety Expert who can help anyone immediately improve both their online and offline safety. Stay Safe!

Clarissa Hughes

Thank you RadioGuestList for helping me to secure 4 bookings within the first day of listing. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to share their story with the world. Simply Fantastic!

Brittany Johnson

I am MORE than pleased with this service.
***** I am giving it 5 stars for delivery. I have gotten great shows and podcast interviews.
I bought the Gold package.
Brittany Johnson
Brit's Got Your Number Numerology and Dating

Brendan Gaughran

We have been using for months now and I have at least 10-15 radio spots per month. It has done wonders for Liver Medic's following and we are reaching more people than I could ever do giving in person talks.

Definitely the best marketing ROI we have ever experienced. The radio hosts are also top notch.

Positive Phil

This is the best service! great people who are running it as well....very positive! I run a podcast- positive phil show--where we cut through negatives--join us!

Dr. Larry Fedewa

I have had several invitations for radio and skype interviews, one for a major Washington DC outlet.

My assessment right now is that this website is more effective than some paid agents who have worked for me.

We have posted some of the best interviews on YouTube and extended their outreach and shelf life.

Very pleased with this service!

Tony DUrso

RadioGuestList is a very professional free service that helps you get all the guests you need for your podcast or radio show. They are superior and easy to work with. Highly recommended.
Tony DUrso
Revenue Chat Radio

Marc Hoberman

This is by far the best bang for the buck platform I have ever used.

I am asked to be a guest on many podcasts and radio shows, and these are legitimate stations with outstanding interviewers.

Purchasing the Featured Guest Expert spot is the best publicity decision I ever made.

Brett Braaten

To be honest, I couldn't be happier with the response.

A Featured Guest Expert posting is a must do for anyone wanting exposure for their product or service.

Thanks so much for your fantastic service!

Lynn Wiese Sneyd

Love this Featured Guest Expert service! My clients - all authors - have been invited to be guests on many shows. Wonderful publicity for them.

	Linda Leon, Media Specialist and Author Promotions

Radio Guest List has helped us with booking four shows.

I am very grateful for this. The Featured Guest Expert posting is a good value for a small cost.

Jill Hart

Promoting my expertise on was a great publicity strategy for me.

My Featured Guest Expert posting quickly got me booked on several podcast and radio shows.

Dr. Art Capperauld

Your system works. I have had great success in obtaining many interviews and I am looking forward to even more in the future.

Thanks for everything.

Peter Rosenberger

From the Israel to California, I received a WAVE of request for bookings through my page on Radio Guest List. I'm pleased with my decision to work with

Shirley Gutkowski

We've had two featured guests on our radio show from and they were wonderful interviews. Each interviewee was knowledgeable and personable. Dr. Art Capperauld and David Merkatz were great selections from the available pool of talent offered here. Please review their shows on Cross Link Radio and decide for yourself.
I would recommend guests from Radio Guest List based on our experience.
Thanks again for great guests!

Brad Johnson

In my first month of using, I've already received nearly a dozen radio show requests and they have been outstanding interviews.

I recommend Radio Guest List for anyone who's looking to help build themselves up and establish their services. Thank you!

Chad C. Meek UFOLOGIST/ Executive Producer Giant Rock The Movie

I first started using the free portion of Radio Guest List over a year ago. And had very good results. I was grateful for the free service so I actually donated money to them because it actually worked! When their low cost fee service became available I thought "what the hell" I might just as well buy the service.
WOW !! The interview requests have been over the top for me to speak on the UFO phenomena and my film project Giant Rock The Move... I AM BOOKED ALL SUMMER !!

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