Beth Anderson

RGL is an awesome service! I have guests booked on my radio show for the next several months. Thank you for providing such a powerful service!

Kyla Duffy

Thank you for such a great service! Your Radio Guest List has connected me with several great radio shows where I have been able to promote the animal welfare efforts I'm involved in. Bravo!

Nancy Ferrari

Thank you for providing me with such an excellent variety of guests that have enhanced my BlogTalkRadio Show immensely !

CJC Music Associates And Publishing

I am very pleased with your new service... we have already begun to get interesting leads and booked some compelling guests. We recommend for your show!

Anne Darling has been very helpful in locating expert guests for my daily afternoon show! I view their lists daily.


I just stumbled upon this site tonight and its amazing! Thanks for starting a service like this. I am hoping to pitch some of my clients to relevant shows.


Adrienne Mazzone

Love using RadioGuestLists - I received excellent candidates for various podcast clients! Thank you!

Michael Cruz

RadioGuestList has consistently worked for me. I have used it several times in the past year with great results.

Michele Blood

I have had so many requests to do podcast and radio interviews and more keep coming in. I Love Radio Guest List!!

Brian Sullivan

RadioGuestList has been perhaps the biggest time saver of my workweek. Me and my producer used to struggle getting good guests but since posting our show on, we not only are saving time, we are getting five star guests. In fact, our show is now booked out through December! That doesn’t happen without this amazing service!

Brian Sullivan
Host of “The Entrepreneurial Moment” on HotTalk 1510 AM in Kansas City


My assessment right now is that this website is more effective than some paid agents who have worked for me. It has given me more "bang for the buck" than other, more expensive services. Having hosts and producers contact me without having to try and chase them down is so much better! LOL! In just 5 weeks, I've been on some major shows and the requests keep coming. I am asked to be a guest on many podcasts and radio shows, and these are legitimate stations with outstanding interviewers.

Andrew Peacher

great service great guests

Faust Ruggiero

RadioGuestList has consistently worked for me. I have used it three times. I am so impressed with how efficient it is, and how many interviews I have received using it.

Faust Ruggiero - The Fix Yourself Handbook

Steve Snyder

RadioGuestList has been terrific and resulted in my booking many radio and podcast interviews. IT WORKS!

Shawn Bucher

This service has been phenomenal. I have booked over a dozen radio interviews in an incredibly short amount of time. Worth every penny.

Mark DeSorrento

My first day with RadioGuestlist, I got an interview for my new crazy
political novel, Politigeddon - and GOT INVITED BACK. The categories
for interviews are very well defined - if you fit the day's call - you have
an excellent chance at an interview. RadioGuestList for real - it really works!
Very satisfied subscriber,
Mark DeSorrento


I run a spiritual / paranormal podcast and radio guest list has helped me stay booked up months in advance with great quality guest contributing to my niche. Thank so much!

La Tonya Davison-Host of Mental Speak

I credit Radio Guest List for single-handedly contributing to the increased quality of my show. The guests have been interesting, knowledgeable, and gracious.

It is not easy to find back-to-back guests for a radio show. With one email, I no longer had to leave home to get connected with amazing people around the country. I have the capacity to book almost every week until the end of the year. I appreciate this platform. This is what networking is all about.

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