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#5893: People In Tech is looking for Tech Experts

The People In Tech podcast is focused on answering all your tech related questions. We are looking for individuals who are using technology in their current role, startup, business or simply want to discuss a common tech topic. Show Name: * People In Tech Show Description: * The People In Tech podcast is the #1 technology show where we discuss all tech related topics. Our goal to make tech interesting and entertaining for our listeners. Each episode is infused with hip-hop music and culture references to reach a broader demographic. As a guest on our show, you get a chance... Read more →

#5890: D&J Power-Hour is looking for Sports Guests

Athletes/Sport Reporters or Analysts or anyone in sports media. Show Name: * D&J Power-Hour Show Description: * A new sports podcast that launched 8 weeks ago. Two guys discuss between 4-6 sport topics that occur throughout the week or are the hottest discussions, so the content is always fresh and up-to-date. There is a segment called the Off Sports Segment, where we take a break and discuss a topic listeners and everyone can relate to (movies, stuck in traffic etc.) The Off Sports Segment is driven by the emails received from listeners weekly. We just implemented the "quick hits segment"... Read more →