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#6068: Youtoo America's Today's Word seeks Christian Speakers and Authors

Christian authors and speakers who can speak to issues pertaining to everyday living. We are particularly looking for guests with a personal story or experience to talk about that others may relate to. Show Name: * Today's Word Show Description: * Today's Word is a podcast that is also broadcast on the YouToo America cable television network and over a 20 broadcast television stations across the US. The show features five short messages from Pastor Jamie Osborne on a related topic and concludes with an interview segment. Often, the interview segment is also re-purposed for use on another program, World... Read more →

#6072: Brunching with Edigga and Leise seeks Comedians

Is seeking Local Comedians. Show Name: * BRUNCHING with Edigga and Leise Show Description: * Popular culture panel show with a comedic twist. Each week a panel of 3-4 will dissect current trends and topics in the news. Each show has four topics, what's Buzzin' video, and meep meep or an ask brunching session. Show Host Name(s): Edigga & Leise Booking Contact for Interviews: * Lisa Wingfield or Ernest Harris Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Demographic African Americans, ages 18-55 urban audiences. Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Video webcast... Read more →

#6069: Funky Thinkers needs Funky Thinkers

Looking for FUNKY THINKERS. People with some interesting or quirky aspect of their business and life. Sorry - we won't let you ramble on.... We will let you play our game show - FUNKQUEST. (Google it...) Show Name: * Funky Thinkers Show Description: * With 130+episodes and counting, we have distilled our show down to a game show where you pick your own questions. (Except you don't know what they are...) If you have some INTERESTING FUNKY angle to your business - get in touch. If you are solely looking to promote your book/bootcamp/webinar - respectfully, this isn't for you.... Read more →

#6062: Your Turn with Sherre is looking for Gun Control Experts

Is seeking an expert on gun control reform and issues related to this. Show Name: * Your Turn w/ Sherre Show Description: * Your Turn is a live, issues-oriented lt is a show with a mixed audience. The listeners ranged in 25-84 with listeners who want to stay up-to-date about everything from politics and environment to health, racial issues, and parenting. Show Host Name(s): Sherre Bishop Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sherre Bishop Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 19,000 Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Station Call Letters +... Read more →

#5886: Lipton’s Tea Time seeks Interesting Guests

Locally based guests with something interesting to say or who are representing a charity/organisation etc. Show Name: * Lipton’s Tea Time Show Description: * Show takes place live in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK on Sundays 6-8pm. Other recorded time slots may be available. interviews will take place in the studio. Phone may be possible but not preferred. The format of the show is flexible but is normally standard interview format interspersed with music of your choice. Guests can bring a specific topic to the table or represent a charity/similar. Show Host Name(s): Julian Lipton Booking Contact for Interviews: * Julian Lipton... Read more →

#6049: The People's Podcast needs Startup Business Experts

Is looking for guests who have a business (preferably startup) or who can talk about startup businesses. Show Name: * The People's Podcast Show Description: * The podcast studio is still under construction and we're just gathering interested guests at the moment and hopefully when the studio and show is up and going they are still interested! Here are the details for the show: Where: Podcast studio in Salisbury, MD When: starting January 2020 Other perks include creating exposure for you, your product or service, to tens of thousands of new audience members across the globe! :) Show Host Name(s):... Read more →

#6015: I've Got Questions needs Political Experts

Is seeking oolitical experts who can help folks navigate the upcoming election or clarify the voting process. Show Name: * I've Got Questions! Show Description: * Informing, educating, and clarifying misinformation through honest, REAL, and candid conversations to support healing, growth, self-discovery, and stronger communities. Guests get free exposure for your book, business, or ministry, the opportunity to grow your audience, and the chance to be seen as a subject matter expert in your field! Show Host Name(s): Charlene AkuaRose Booking Contact for Interviews: * Charlene AkuaRose Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Travel Experts

Travel Experts. Persons who are avid travelers and can speak to places to go, the pros and cons to migrating and places to migrate. Persons who are looking for a change in lifestyle and have a fear and seek to overcome the fear of change, getting out of their comfort zone. Show Name: * Between The Lines Show Description: * The only place where 'real' is an understatement when it comes to being interviewed! According to guests, the depth of questioning, the show's format, the host's ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease is beyond what they have... Read more →

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