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#205: Hell Yes Life is looking for Inspiring Experts

Is seeking Inspiring Experts (authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, etc.) Potential guests would want to appear on the show because Hell Yes Life is a popular business and personal development podcast that has been downloaded thousands of times by listeners in over 100 countries and it was named by Feedspot as one of the "Top 20 Inspirational Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020". Previous guests on the show have included millionaire podcaster John Lee Dumas, Mount Everest climber Cathy O’Dowd, former rock star Chris Ballew, four-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez, and many more. Show Name: * Hell Yes Life Show Description: * On... Read more →

#6203: KVCU Radio1190 CLIMBTALK seeks Adventurers

Active adventurers, authors, movers, shakers and climbers and those who follow their passions and are willing to make our world a better more exciting time and place. Show Name: * CLIMBTALK the radio show on KVCU Radio1190 Show Description: * CLIMBTALK the radio show on KVCU Radio1190 is a live AM/FM radio talk show about living life to the extreme. KVCU Radio1190 is the University of Colorado Boulder' award winning radio station. Hosted by the inimitable Michael Francis Brooks. Every Friday night 8 PM from Boulder, Colorado, USA. 98.9 FM & 1190 AM and streamed live: Show Host Name(s):... Read more →

#6204: Power of Attorney needs Lawyers

Attorneys, Investment Advisors, Crowdfunding, Tax Resolution, Asset Protection. Show Name: * Power of Attorney Show Description: * Power of Attorney is a pre-recorded podcast, based in Atlanta, GA. Our show's demographics are primarily women, college educated, US ages 35-55, with families. Power of Attorney appeals to the legacy driven person who is seeking to build wealth, businesses, and uplevel their quality of life. Unfortunately, many are unaware of opportunities and legal traps in dealing with life abd business circumstances. Show Host Name(s): LeTonya F. Moore Booking Contact for Interviews: * Amber Moore Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and... Read more →

#6201: Living & Thriving with Rustie, Inspiration on TAP seeks Mind, Body and Soul Experts

I am looking for Mind, Body, Soul experts. Those who has gone through storms and found the light. Those who have inspiration, motivation and are dedicating at sharing their story to an international Audience. Show Name: * Living & Thriving with Rustie, Inspiration on TAP Show Description: * I host this show in a down to earth, organic style that is reflective of experience and humility. I believe that things should be made simple, comfortable and with compassion. The purpose of my show is to offer a variety of topics that inspire, motivate and make the audience challenge themselves. I... Read more →

#6198: Truth on Wellness needs Wellness Experts

Health conscious chef to discuss how we can prepare meals at home to stop this epidemic of obesity, diabetes l, heart disease and cancers run amok in this country. Show Name: * Truth on Wellness Show Description: * I’m a rebel doctor who wrote, WTF is Wrong with our health? I left traditional medicine to help heal people rather than manage disease. I interview along with my wife Teresa, a Nurse Practitioner and culinary school graduate, and talk on detox of body, mind, spirit for healing Show Host Name(s): Roberto Tostado MD Booking Contact for Interviews: * 626-628-6095 my cell... Read more →

#6007: The Male Perspective is looking for Men

Is seeking men of all backgrounds. Show Name: * The Male Perspective Show Description: * Lana is back at it again with her “Male Perspective” video chat sessions. Rebooting in September, Lana sits down to talk one on one with men from various walks of life and across the globe in order to gather the inside scoop on all things male. Fellas, if you are interested in being a guest or if you know a guy who would be a great guest, CLICK THE LINK FOR MORE DETAILS: Lana will even give you a moment to shamelessly plug your... Read more →

#6196: The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast seeks Thought Provoking Guests

Anybody involved in alternative thought, conspiracies, paranormal investigation, cryptozoology, holistic practices, psychics/mediums, UFO/Alien incidents. We love authors on these topics and will promote books heavily. Even if you have an experience you would like to share or a ghost story, drop me a line! Show Name: * The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast Show Description: * Monthly paranormal variety show that is celebrating it's 5th year. Described as "the gateway to bigger shows" by past guests. Guests interviews are 30 minutes. Love beginners and will help you succeed in your goal. Show Host Name(s): Jon Mallard Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

#6150: Be A Force is looking for Inspirational Guests

BE A FORCE Podcast seeks inspirational stories. Are you an entertainer, writer, entrepreneur or CEO who has risen above to achieve your dreams? We would love to hear your story. Show Name: * BE A FORCE PODCAST Show Description: * BE A FORCE Podcast seeks inspirational stories for new segment. Are you an entertainer, writer, entrepreneur or CEO who has risen above to achieve your dreams? We would love to hear your story. Write us today! Show Host Name(s): Melissa Lopez Booking Contact for Interviews: * Melissa Lopez Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

#6194: #ImPOSSIBLE Rdio Show is looking for Inspirational Guests

Looking for guests that have a personal story of triumph over trauma and/or life's hardships. This show is about letting people know that overcoming the impossible is possible. We need transparent guests willing to open up about their story and share any tips and encouragement that may help someone else who may be experiencing that same thing. Show Name: * #ImPOSSIBLE RADIO SHOW Show Description: * This show is about letting people know that overcoming the impossible is possible through sharing one's personal life story. We need transparent guests willing to open up about their story, successes, and share any... Read more →

#6172: Dare to be Authentic Radio is seeking Authentic Guests

Is seeking person with a story of how being authentic has enhanced their life and wish to encourage and inspire others. Show Name: * Dare to be Authentic Radio Show Description: * Dare to be Authentic Radio offers weekly interviews with leading coaches, authors, therapists, authors, mentors, teachers, healers, doctors, spiritual teachers and many others who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life. The purpose of the show is to inspire and encourage others. Show Host Name(s): Mari Mitchell Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mari Mitchell Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

#6189: The 99% Local Podcast is seeking Nashville Based Business People

Is seeking business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations, musicians and authors. Show Name: * The 99% Local Podcast Show Description: * Bringing stories of Middle Tennessee entrepreneurs, business owners, musicians, authors and any others hustling out there. This isn’t your typical business podcast in terms of just discussing the simple questions about the business/work. Everybody has a story, their own unique upbringing, and a passion for why they are doing what they are doing. Show Host Name(s): Chris Green Booking Contact for Interviews: * Chris Green Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Over 100 downloads... Read more →

Featured Publicist: Frazier Public Relations

Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews, film options, or securing broader distribution? We have several feature films being produced for our authors. Click to email or call us at 540-338-1545. One of our referring publishers calls us "Rock Stars!" Learn more here... If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and podcasts? Our web... Read more →

#6186: Author Talk With M.L.Ruscsal is looking for Authors

Is seeking authors. Show Name: * Author Talk With M.L.Ruscsal Show Description: * Seeking Authors or entrepreneurs. Recording Once a day for a limited time. All Podcast will be on Blogtalk radio, Youtube and Limited time offer. $35. This is not affiliated with my show with Atalanta Mix. Show Host Name(s): M.L.Ruscsak Booking Contact for Interviews: * Melisa Ruscsak Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 20,000 monthly Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Est.... Read more →

#6182: Hollischapmanshow is looking for Authors

We are looking to interview authors promoting their book, speakers promoting their service, consultants, small business owners, all looking to grow their platform. Show Name: * hollischapmanshow Show Description: * We are a weekly interview format show.We ask questions to bring out great content to our audience.We have an outstanding fan base,that will follow up after the live show,Promote you book or service and you will get a very nice surprise after the show. Show Host Name(s): Hollis Chapman Booking Contact for Interviews: * please send all questions to this email address. Booking Email Address: * Audience Size... Read more →

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