#6238: LiveForeverish.com is looking for Health Experts

Health-related guests and authors. Prefer credentialed experts, i.e. MD, ND, RD and Ph.d., Prof. Show Name: * LiveForeverish.com Show Description: * Health-related podcasts are taped monthly and posted to LiveForeverish.com the following month. Each interview is approximately 13-15 minutes. Interviews are conducted by long-time media personality and health educator Michael A. Smith, MD and Crystal Gossard clinic corporate trainer. Both are affiliated with Life Extension. Show Host Name(s): Michael A. Smith, M.D. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sheldon Baker Booking Email Address: * sbaker@lifeextension.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * LiveForeversh.com is posted in conjunction with Life Extension... Read more →

#241: iHeart Radio's The Mike Wagner Show is seeking Entertainers

Looking for celebrities, musicians, writers, authors, comedians, athletes, inspiring people with amazing stories, actors, etc. Show Name: * The Mike Wagner Show Show Description: * The Mike Wagner Show is host by Mike Wagner with over 35+ years in the radio, voiceover and broadcasting industry interviewing famous celebrities, musicians, actors, writers, authors, comedians, and interesting people doing amazing things! It's a show that inspires people and guests talking about their amazing careers and sharing great stories. Show Host Name(s): MIKE WAGNER Booking Contact for Interviews: * MIKE WAGNER Booking Email Address: * themikewagnershow@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

#6237: 3D TV is seeking Science Experts

Wants to interview Experts on fact and theory. Show Name: * 3D TV Show Description: * A show that explores theories and facts in history, literature and Movies. The show also talks about character choices and decisions made in the story. Guests can also promote their own books, shows, and movies. Show Host Name(s): Kwame Hanna Booking Contact for Interviews: * Kwame Hanna Booking Email Address: * kwamesekou@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * on the Bahamas Now i have an average of 600 viewers and on www.thirddimensionmedia.org i have 150 viewers. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Video... Read more →

#6236: KBR Sports wants to interview an NBA or NFL Expert

Is looking for an NBA or NFL expert who has experience playing or covering either sport. Can talk the game on an intellectual level. Show discusses topics surrounding these sports on an analytical basis and from a cultural standpoint. Show Name: * KBR Sports Show Description: * Sports podcast that discusses all sports but primarily the NBA and NFL. While also discussing some topics from popular culture, comics/anime, and self improvement as well. Podcast based out of Fort Lauderdale. Discussion encourages deep conversations and fun debates on varying topics with respect for host and guest. Guests are welcome to pitch... Read more →

#6235: Old Fashioned Afternoon needs Psychlogists

Currently searching for a psychologist with considerable knowledge in nostalgia. Interview will be done via phone & will take roughly ten minutes. Show Name: * Old Fashioned Afternoon Show Description: * Old Fashioned Afternoon is a series on YouTube that will be launching in May of 2020. The show features Graham Zima analyzing different personality types in a real-world setting over a cold Wisconsin old fashioned. Show Host Name(s): Graham Zima Booking Contact for Interviews: * Graham Zima Booking Email Address: * grahamzimamedia@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Target audience is 18-35 year old men & women... Read more →

#187: The My Future Business Show seeks Start Up Entrepreneurs

The My Future Business Show is currently taking a limited number of applications to appear on the popular My Future Business Show. We are looking for Start Up Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * The My Future Business Show Show Description: * Welcome, my name is Rick Nuske, and I'm the host of the popular My Future Business Show. The My Future Business Show offers one-to-one interviews that provide you with an effective way for you to get in front of your best audience and stay there. The show is going from strength to strength, and many of our guests comment about... Read more →

Joe Chatham, Business Networking Leader and Relationship Marketing Expert

Joe Chatham is a longtime business networker and the founder and Chief Connecting Officer of USA 500 Clubs LLC, a business network for senior-level attorneys, accountants, financial services professionals, and business consultants. Joe promotes business development practices based on authentic relationships built on trust, respect, and confidence in each others' professional skills and knowledge. There is no more compelling reason to do or refer business with another professional than to have deep respect and trust in his or her values and knowledge. Joe has helped hundreds of senior-level professionals develop their practices and business successes based on creating key relationships... Read more →

Featured Publicist: Frazier Public Relations

Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews, film options, or securing broader distribution? We have several feature films being produced for our authors. Click to email SherryFrazier@FrazierPublicRelations.com or call us at 540-338-1545. One of our referring publishers calls us "Rock Stars!" Learn more here... If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and podcasts? Our web... Read more →

#6234: Really Sis is seeking Black Women who are Changing the Narrative

We are looking for a well spoken, unapologetic, strong black women that is not to push the envelope and express her options properly. Show Name: * Really Sis Show Description: * Really Sis an unapologetic, unscripted, REAL Live and side eyeing funny series. This podcast is for your everyday sporadic girl chat. No topic is off limits. We are a bunch of women having a great time. Show Host Name(s): Patience Booking Contact for Interviews: * Patience Booking Email Address: * marijaroberson@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * We are a new podcast but our demographics consist of... Read more →

#6231: Not Having It seeks Guests with their Own Podcast

Is seeking any guests that have their own comedy/entertainment podcast. Show Name: * Not Having It Show Description: * Hi guys, We are from "not having it", a podcast based in London that talks about all the current things in the world and in our personal lives that we are just not having it with. Topics can literally be anything, from current political affairs to best and worst dressed on the red carpet and even the weather! If you are interested in joining us in an episode, we would be more than happy to have you on board! We are... Read more →

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#6233: Dare to be Authentic Radio is looking for Authentic Guests

Is looking for a story of how being authentic has enhanced their life and wish to encourage and inspire others. Show Name: * Dare to be Authentic Radio Show Description: * Dare to be Authentic Radio offers weekly interviews with leading coaches, authors, therapists, authors, mentors, teachers, healers, doctors, spiritual teachers and many others who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life. The purpose of the show is to inspire and encourage others. Show Host Name(s): Marisol Mitchell Booking Contact for Interviews: * Marisol Mitchell 954-243-7297 Booking Email Address: * marimitchellcoaching@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

#6232: The Law Firm Growth Podcast seeks Successful Law Firms

Have you successfully grown your law practice? We want to hear about how you did it! The Law Firm Growth podcast is focused on helping law firm owners (from solos through managing partners of large firms) get the inspiration, tactics and strategy to help reach the next level. If you had success in the world of marketing your law firm our audience would love to hear from you! Show Name: * The Law Firm Growth Podcast Show Description: * Are you ready to take your law practice to the next level? The Law Firm Growth podcast brings top experts from... Read more →

#6230: Curious About Shamanism seeks Ceremonial Etiquette Panel Members

We are seeking individuals for an online panel to speak and answer audience questions about ceremonial etiquette. Many people new to shamanic ceremonies have questions about how to act or dress in ceremony. Show Name: * Curious About Shamanism Show Description: * Join Talk Story Media's live streaming show Curious About Shamanism which features a panel of shamanic practitioners, visionary artists, healers, and wisdom teachers discussing various aspects of shamanism. Starting March 17th the show will be streaming live on YouTube every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm MT. Subscribe to Postcards From Shamans at www.ShamanicArts.Center for announcements with the link to... Read more →

#237: Health Coach Academy is seeking Business Experts

Seeking all experts on business, marketing, branding, and money-mindset that can help Health Coaches create thriving businesses. Show Name: * Health Coach Academy Show Description: * Cutting edge strategies for the Certified Health Coach! As Health Coaching becomes more popular by the day, it is vital that we are able to use all of the resources available to us to create thriving practices in order to provide our clients with results that they truly want. The Health Coach Academy interviews experts of various disciplines to help us understand the concepts that will make our business boom all while keeping up... Read more →

#6226: The Psykhe Podcast seeks Mental Health Experiences

We'd like to interview guests who have personal, or professional, experience of living with mental illness and learning to look after their mental wellbeing. Topics we'd like to cover in future episodes are: grief, stress, eating disorders, neurodiversity, loneliness, bullying, happiness and suicide prevention. We want to share experiences and the strategies that have worked for us to help others to look after their own mental wellbeing. Show Name: * The Psykhe Podcast Show Description: * We talk about all things mindset and mental wellbeing. Honest discussions, real life experiences and science to back it all up. We aim to... Read more →

#6229: Be A Force is seeking Leaders

Is seeking leaders, someone who has risen above to capture their dream. We sold love to hear from you. Show Name: * BE A FORCE Show Description: * Positive, uplifting podcast highlighting those who have risen above to achieve success! Sharing stories from many different backgrounds and many different fields. Empowering one another with one great story of success at a time. Are you our next episode? Show Host Name(s): Melissa Lopez Booking Contact for Interviews: * Bsquaredmgmt.com Booking Email Address: * bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 3200 weekly listeners Age 21 to 62 Show Format:... Read more →

#6228: Hustle Beautiful Podcast wants Female Entrepreneurs

Hustle Beautiful Podcast is looking to interview Female Entrepreneurs who want to share their story of success, success tips, how they overcame failure or business tips. Show Name: * Hustle Beautiful Podcast Show Description: * The Hustle Beautiful Podcast is all about helping women live the life they desire doing what they love and create legacy wealth in the process. It is a new podcast and is geared toward female entrepreneurs ages 25-45. Podcast episodes will be on Overcast, Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Each Podcast Episode is only 10 minutes long, but filled with engaging content.... Read more →

#6227: FLAUNT! Builf Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle is seeking Inspiring Guests

I am seeking sparkling guests who will inspire my audience to dig deep, move into courage, and take action to create the life they want, not the life they think they should have. Authors, therapists, doctors, influencers, experts, etc. FLAUNT is an acronym for Find Your Fetish, Laugh Out Loud, Accept Unconditionally, Navigate the Negative and Trust in Your Truth. I want each guest to share their unique take on these five steps as well as offering their own tips for living your best life. Personal stories of how you overcame your own challenges and changed your life are a... Read more →

#6225: SynergyCafe with MagicBrad interviews Experiential Event Marketers

I'm looking for people that "attend" events to promote their business, and also people that "plan" events of their own. Show Name: * SynergyCafe with MagicBrad Show Description: * The show is about YOU... Your business, and how you leverage LIVE events. We will discuss EVENTS that you are attending, speaking at in the past or future and how you leverage LIVE events (off-line or online) to promote your products and services. Show Host Name(s): MagicBrad Booking Contact for Interviews: * BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM Booking Email Address: * magicbradpresents@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * I have multiple... Read more →

#6188: The Real Double Dose Channel seeks Entrepreneur and Business Experts

Is seeking entrepreneur and business experts to guide others into pursuing their goals and dreams. Show Name: * The Real Double Dose Channel Show Description: * Welcome All to The RDDC, (Real Double Dose Channel)! This is the place where anyone can find or discover more clarity within themselves and as well as other peoples walks of life, conversations, and questions along with deeper insights. People from all walks of life have things to ask, say or gain more understanding within this Broadcast Show's, via 'Multiple platforms'.. Are here to assist in guiding the way. We also would love to... Read more →

Karen Hayward, Marketing Pro and Best-selling Author

Karen has decades of experience in the trenches of marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies and is the author of the best selling book, Stop Random Acts of Marketing. Over the years Karen has noticed a big trend among mid-market companies: many were established before the digital age and are now struggling to grow. Karen's best selling book, Stop Random Acts of Marketing, shares the marketing and sales best practices of Fortune 500 companies and makes them digestible for mid-market companies. Throughout her career, Karen has focused on mid-market and high-growth companies, right-sizing the sales and marketing strategies learned... Read more →

#6097: Changing World is seeking Technology Experts

I would like to hear from experts in the field of technology, new inventions/solutions to world problems, futurists, including the future of space exploration. Show Name: * Changing World Show Description: * A podcast exploring how the world is changing and what are the consequences. It seeks to explore such issues as: the environment/ecosystem, changing technology and the consequences, economic/political issues, survival of the human race/space exploration, new inventions/breakthroughs. Show Host Name(s): Anthony Smith Booking Contact for Interviews: * Anthony Smith Booking Email Address: * smithra@rocketmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * General public. Show Format: * Recorded... Read more →

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#6224: Video a Day Debruary 2020 needs Financial Abuse Expert in Relationships

Need a guest to interview about how women are duped and financially abused in relationships and marriages. Strategies to protect their assets, paychecks, property, etc. from romantic partners, family and even sometimes their own children. Show Name: * Video a Day Debruary 2020 Show Description: * This show is part of a month-long annual program (this is the 3rd annual) where our channel produces one video every day of the month. We are in need of one more guest to specifically discuss common tricks of abusers to get access to women's money, steal their property, abscond with their assets, leaving... Read more →

#6223: Dove and Dragon Radio With M.L.Ruscsak is looking for Entrepreneurs

Is seeking Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * Dove and Dragon Radio With M.L.Ruscsak Show Description: * We are into our second season and slowly rebuilding our numbers. The Interviews are now live On blogtalk radio. Then re-aired. Posting for the live broadcast are posted on Facebook, twitter and linkedin. Interview is then taken made into a video and posted on YouTube and the dove and dragon website. The video is also shared on Facebook, twitter and linkedin There is fee of $35 Show Host Name(s): Melisa Ruscsak Booking Contact for Interviews: * Melisa Ruscsak Booking Email Address: * MLRuscsak@gmail.com Audience Size... Read more →

#6222: Prophet Of Love is looking for Conscious Teachers

Looking for teachers/healers/ doctors that have found consciousness within themselves and now teach it via their own practice of work. Show Name: * Prophet Of Love Show Description: * Discussions on how to help people find their true self behind the mind, emotions and body. Teaching people how to dissolve suffering and transcend the mind so they naturally reach their true self where love and wellbeing reside. Show Host Name(s): Donna Duffield Booking Contact for Interviews: * dnnduffield@yahoo.co.uk Booking Email Address: * dnnduffield@yahoo.co.uk Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Not sure yet; new show Show Format: * Internet... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Speakers

Between The Lines seeks guests who are willing to share where and how to get speaking gigs or engagements. This includes live, face to face and online; free and paid. Many authors wish to increase their visibility, market penetration, credibility and expand into speaking as a form of revenue generation and need to learn from those who have been there and done that to share their journey. So established Speakers, persons from Speaker Bureaus or anyone related to the speaking industry is being asked to submit their information for being a guest on my show. Show Name: * Between The... Read more →