dave coley

great service keep up the good work

Jenny Maher

Since posting on Radio Guest List I have been getting 2 to 3 interviews a week, more then I ever expected. Definitely worth the time.

walter sterling

I DON'T DO A PODCAST. I do an actual radio show on a 50,000 watt clear channel radio station. I need weird guests. You deliver. Thank you!

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

I'm on my third year hosting Job Search Radio, a weekly podcast about job hunting. I have met some very knowleddgeable guests through RadioGuestList who have delivered great nubers of downloads for my podcast.

John Holt

I have found radio guest list of use and have found some good guests for my radio show.


We posted one search for guests so far and had some great results. is a great resource to find interview guests.


I was referred to Radio Guest List by a fellow radio station Magic 106.3 out of Ohio, and I absolutely LOVE this service. I look forward to Radio Guest List continuing to be apart of the growth and success of my radio show.


I really LOVE this service!!!!


Great service. I found more than enough people to start my podcast using this service.

D. Mamie Smith

"Talk to the Author" with Dr. Mamie Smith continually obtains knowledgeable, inspirational and self-help ideas and concepts from authors listed with RADIO GUEST LIST. We are thrilled and appreciative for the service they render by providing a platform for authors to get their stories heard. Keep up the good work Radio Guest List!

Barbara Ehrentreu

The requests started coming in a few days after I put my information here and they have continued. I was able to fill up my entire show schedule until February of next year. I only broadcast once a month, but still I am not usually ahead so far. Also the guests are of very high quality and I have enjoyed meeting them. This is an excellent service and I did mention it on the air and tell my listeners how great your service is. I will definitely continue to use this service. At the moment I do not use the interview service for myself, but I can see a use for it in the future. Thank you very much for your service. I recommended it to my fellow network show hosts too.We are Red River Radio and we are focused on bringing unknown authors to the radio.


I have gotten great guests! Much more than I expected. I am very grateful. What an excellent service!!!

jed doherty

I just started working with Radioguestlist and have already connected with a couple of amazing guests. Thanks


We have found some really awesome guests through Radio Guest List. Thanks so much for the great service.

Lori Dean

I am so pleased with the service provided by RGL and the quality of guests available for interviews. I always receive a number of inquiries from potential guests and I'm able to successfully fill my calendar for months in advance.

I highly recommend this service and will definitely keep using in to fill my guest slots.


Kharisma Aro

We have connected with some awesome guests from It has been amazing!

Robert Sharpe

I LOVE the service provided by RadioGuestList. The show postings, without exception, bring interesting and content-approprite individuals to my guest lineup! My show followers thoroughly enjoy listening to the people brought to me as a direct result of RadioGuestList.

Janelle Alex, Ph.D. + Rob Alex, Ph.D.

We love Radio Guest List. Being on both sides as a guests and as a hosts, RGL has been fabulous for us. We have experienced wonderful guests and wonderful hosts, too. RGL helped us fill out guest calendar for our new show as well as our current show for the next three months...and the new show airs 7 days a week!!

Thank you for such a great service!

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