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May 21, 2023 - May 27, 2023

#7562: Learn to Overcome Sleepless Nights talks Sleep Issues

Is seeking people who have overcome sleep issues without promoting any medications. The format of the show has standard questions on how they struggled with sleep issues. How they overcame them and what is the suggestions for people. At the end you can talk about your coaching program. Make sure that 90% is value and then 10% you can promote. Show Name: * Learn to overcome Sleepless Nights Show Description: * This is a talk show on Instagram. I conduct Instagram Live on Friday 20:30 PM IST. It is a 20-30 min talk show with standard questions on: 1) How... Read more →

#7564: Dare to be Authentic Radio is looking for Guests

Dare to be Authentic Radio is looking for guests with a story of how being authentic, or how following their own guidance or intuition has helped enhance their life and the life of others. Show Name: * Dare to be Authentic Radio Show Description: * Dare to be Authentic Radio offers interviews with leading coaches, authors, therapists, authors, mentors, teachers, healers, doctors, CEO's, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers and many others who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life. The purpose of the show is to inspire and encourage others. Show Host Name(s): Mari Mitchell Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mari... Read more →

#7563: The Songwriter Show is seeking Songwriters

Is seeking any genre of music, songwriters can do lyrics or any Music or instrument or any combination. Show Name: * The Songwriter Show Show Description: * The Songwriter Show is broadcast live on #1 ranked Reality Radio with listeners in all 206 countries in the world and every state in the US. The station is also licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange with partnerships throughout the music industry including iHeartRadio with exposure to over 300 million listeners. Show Host Name(s): Sarantos Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sarantos Booking Form URL: Booking Email Address: * [email protected] Audience... Read more →

#7533: Influence Media: PSI TV seeks Subject-Matter Experts

Is seeking subject-matter experts. Show Name: * Influence Media: PSI TV Show Description: * See a review about having a TV experience with us from a prior guest here Your 15-minute interview is edited and syndicated to: This show was shared: * On PSI TV's channel on Roku * On PSI TV's channel on Amazon Fire TV * On YouTube * On 6 Podcast platforms * On FB#1 * On FB#2 * On our mobile App * On our Linkedin page Show Host Name(s): Trudy Beerman Booking Contact for Interviews: * Trudy Beerman 8137605624 Booking Form URL: Booking... Read more →

#7528: The Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio Show seeks Entertainers

Is seeking models and celebrities. Show Name: * The Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio Show Show Description: * The Author Larry Toombs gospel Radio Show offers prayers service, it a service that has served as a platform for 8 years now to help launch career's. We need sincere guest interested in getting their message out. Show Host Name(s): Author larry Earl Toombs Booking Contact for Interviews: * 3149064312 Booking Email Address: * [email protected] Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 100,000 Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast When, where, and how does your show air? (share details... Read more →

#7558: ExecuPeaks is calling All Business Executives and Entrepreneurs

Is seeking Business Professionals, Executives, C-Suite, Innovators,Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * ExecuPeaks Show Description: * ExecuPeaks (c.2017-present) celebrates the latest updates from the entrepreneurial and business realm. These brief conversations display golden nuggets of wisdom from achievers now working roles in Executive Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurship. Audiences learn how each individual's mind, soul and intelligence contribute to defining their life success. Typical segments are between 8-12 minutes that adhere to a format of alternating questions that focus on self & professional development, business acumen and opportunities for self promotion to be laced throughout the segment. Paid bookings available for 15 and... Read more →

#7560: Talk Time w/Teisha seeks Money, Lifestyle & Public Life Experts

Is seeking Money, Lifestyle & public life Experts (ie. celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, etc). Show Name: * Talk Time w/Teisha Show Description: * Teisha Powell, is an Author, American Lawyer & Entrepreneur. Teisha, a former Radio Host created this show "Talk Time with Teisha" to educate viewers on money, lifestyle & public life. Teisha & her guests discuss/debate social, money & conservative issues. Ms. Powell's show went viral on twitter many times, with one of her viral videos hitting 1.6 million views (have the snapshot for proof) Ms. Powell wrote, produce & hosted well over 300, 30 minutes shows that... Read more →

#7559: In the LIght with Luanne Hunt seeks Religion Experts & Authors

Seeking experts, authors and those with compelling testimonies to appear on a popular Youtube show that have something to share about: Debunking Christianity and all its various beliefs, such as a virgin birth, a triune God, vicarious atonement through Jesus, etc. This channel has grown rapidly since its launch date in April, 2022 and attracts viewers from all faiths, including Judaism and Christianity. Show Name: * In the LIght with Luanne Hunt Show Description: * "In the light" was launched in 2022 by Luanne "Annie" Hunt to share commentary on why she believes the Christian faith is false and completely... Read more →

#7532: Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is seeking Guests

Inquiries of those with professional or personal experience in overcoming adversity are welcome. Show Name: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Show Description: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is a podcast that addresses the issues faced by men and women after incarceration. Guests include self help authors, therapist, and various others that have useful and pertinent information to share about how to make reintegration successful. This podcast has been posting since 2010 and currently has 45, 000 downloads. Show Host Name(s): Rodney Mathers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rodney Mathers Booking Email Address: * [email protected] Audience Size... Read more →