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May 14, 2023 - May 20, 2023

#7556: Round Trip Death Podcast seeks Near Death Experiences

If you have had a near death experience let's have a quick pre-interview phone call and see if your experience would fit our show's format. Show Name: * Round Trip Death Podcast Show Description: * I interview people who have had real near death experiences. We discuss what can be learned and how it has changed lives, along with details about what you saw, heard, even smelled. How did it happen, what brought you back, and how is your health and life now. Show Host Name(s): Eric Bennett Booking Contact for Interviews: * Eric Bennett [email protected] Booking Email Address: *... Read more →

#187: The My Future Business Show seeks Health and Wellness Experts

The My Future Business Show is currently taking a limited number of applications to appear on the popular My Future Business Show. We are looking for Health and Wellness Experts. Show Name: * The My Future Business Show Show Description: * Welcome, my name is Rick Nuske, and I'm the host of the popular My Future Business Show. The My Future Business Show offers one-to-one interviews that provide you with an effective way for you to get in front of your best audience and stay there. The show is going from strength to strength, and many of our guests comment... Read more →

#7493: Not Quite After Midnight seeks Law and Crime Experts

Is seeking Law and Crime Experts. People tell me they enjoy being on my show, and I can help get a person's message out to the masses. Show Name: * Not Quite After Midnight Show Description: * Not Quite After Midnight is a fun show meant to be easy-going and entertaining. I've enjoyed the company of guests ranging from musicians to business owners to health experts to survivors on the program. I'd love to get the opportunity to speak with you and learn about what it is that makes you interesting in an entertaining way. This request is for the... Read more →