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#7560: Talk Time w/Teisha seeks Money, Lifestyle & Public Life Experts

Is seeking Money, Lifestyle & public life Experts (ie. celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, etc).

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Talk Time w/Teisha
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Teisha Powell, is an Author, American Lawyer & Entrepreneur. Teisha, a former Radio Host created this show "Talk Time with Teisha" to educate viewers on money, lifestyle & public life. Teisha & her guests discuss/debate social, money & conservative issues. Ms. Powell's show went viral on twitter many times, with one of her viral videos hitting 1.6 million views (have the snapshot for proof) Ms. Powell wrote, produce & hosted well over 300, 30 minutes shows that got aired on Roku TV, Dishnetwork & YouTube to name a few. Ms. Powell also host a live show on TikTok. (Only a handful of people can go live on TikTok this moment in time). Ms. Powell has over 100,000 views on her Youtube Channel, which means she is in the top 9% of content creator to get a video to hit 1000 views on Youtube. I would love to have guest that can educate the general public on money, lifestyle or public life. YouTube attract an average audience of around 18-44. Ms. Powell is 47. It would be nice to have guest that can teach or help our generation, (18-44) understand current events.

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Teisha Powell
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Teisha Powell by email only
Booking Form URL: https://www.youtube.com/@tlawpow1
Booking Email Address: * [email protected]
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18-44, 122 Million Users go to #YouTube daily.
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  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
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We tape our Shows. The segment last for 15 mins. We do most of our interviews by Zoom. There is no need to travel. We do the shows Monday through Friday between 9 am to 5 Pm. I am just a content creator that upload videos to YouTube.
We need on going guest for our #YouTube channel. YouTube is the number 2 most visited web page on Planet Earth. Only 9% of videos that get uploaded get over 1000 views. 122 million people visit YouTube web page daily. Our Show has over 100,000 views and it is projected to hit 1 million views in 8 months.
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  • 101+ episodes
Website URL: * https://www.youtube.com/@tlawpow1
Show URL: * https://www.youtube.com/@tlawpow1