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#7456: 1070AM Texas Real Estate Radio Network seeks Real Estate Investing Experts

Finance experts either in real estate, real estate investing, or simply an expert when it comes to financing.

Show Name: *
Texas Real Estate Radio Network
Show Description: *
All things real estate, investing, and Texas. Jason Bible and Robert Orfino, Mr. Texas Real Estate, shares with you their journey in real estate investing and working with buyers and sellers of real estate. Jason and Robert will discuss landlord investing, wholesaling, flipping, lending, banking, money and finance. Take the journey through with Jason and his guests as they share their no nonsense approach to building wealth with real estate.
Show Host Name(s):
Jason Bible and Robert Orfino
Booking Contact for Interviews: *
Linzzi Valdez
Booking Email Address: * linzzi@mrtxre.com
Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *
250,000/ Month on Radio
100,000 / Month Online
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  • Broadcast radio show
  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
When, where, and how does your show air?
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1070 AM at 8:00 PM CST Daily also on Facebook Live, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anywhere you get your podcasts.
If traditional radio or TV broadcast, what city/state does your show reach? (If your show is Internet only, leave this BLANK.)
United States
How many episodes have you already produced? *
  • 101+ episodes
Website URL: * https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDnEqEPO4BjHnCDcYGpFcw
Show URL: * https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDnEqEPO4BjHnCDcYGpFcw
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back? [If you charge guests for interviews or anything else you MUST disclose it here.] *