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#7455: From Learning to Earning talks Business Insurance

Wish to speak with someone who can explain the different kinds of business insurances a solopreneur or start-up should consider (and which may not be necessary).

The target audience is Teachers looking to retire and start their own business.

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From Learning to Earning
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An interview-based podcast of roughly 20 minutes where topics of interest to "wanna'-be entrepreneurs" are discussed and listeners can receive insights. Content includes everything from stress reduction, social media advertising, resilience, health and wellness issues to marketing and sales and bookkeeping, etc. The primary audience is Teachers looking to leave the classroom or recently retired and seeking to start their own business.
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David Zahn
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David Zahn
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Teachers/recently retired teachers. @4800 subscribers to newsletter (Podcast is officially "live" as of Jan 1, 2023 so no accurate audience size can be determined yet).
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  • Recorded podcast
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Podcast available on, Spotify and other servers. Once recorded it is uploaded within 2-3 days after some light editing to remove any issues with audio.
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  • 10-25
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