#7446: Straight Talk NO Chaser RadioShow seeks Health Experts
Father Sean McManus, Northern Ireland Troubles Expert

#7416: The Douglas Coleman Show VE (Video Edition) is looking for Authors

We are seeking authors for our VE (Video Edition) promotional show.

Now booking for February 2023

Show Name: *
The Douglas Coleman Show VE (Video Edition)
Show Description: *

The Douglas Coleman Show VE was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was created to be a virtual alternative for Authors who because of lock downs and restricted travel, were unable to do in person book signings and meet and greets. We are now in our 3rd year of production with over 500 shows under our belt.

We believe that with the mountains of books available (2.2 mil. self published on Amazon as of 2021) to the reading public, it is important to introduce the prospective reader to the Author. A book cover alone won't sell your book but meeting the author can and The Douglas Coleman Show VE helps to do just that.

With our 15 min full 3-camera show format, the prospective reader/buyer gets a chance to see and hear the author in a relaxed living room environment, speaking about their lives, their work and what makes them unique, giving the viewer and prospective reader an interesting conversation to watch rather than a traditional "interview."

The Douglas Coleman Show VE will offer guests a unique show experience that will showcase your new book. We create a sort of 15 minute infomercial about you and your book.

Veteran show host Douglas Coleman has had years of experience as a radio show host, musician, music and video producer, actor and writer and has conducted over 700+ interviews to date in both full video and audio formats. He has a relaxed, informal conversational style that makes his guests feel at ease and his conversations with his guests are always intelligent and insightful.

Here is a link to one of our recent VE shows to give you a better idea of the show's format and our host Douglas Coleman's conversation style.


Show Host Name(s):
Douglas Coleman
Booking Contact for Interviews: *
John Morgan
Booking Email Address: * douglascolemanshow@gmail.com
Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *
1-10k views per show depending on guest. 7k subscribers on YouTube.

Show Format: *
  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
When, where, and how does your show air?
(share details about Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format, etc): *
YouTube, FaceBook watch and Rumble.
How many episodes have you already produced? *
  • 101+ episodes
Website URL: * http://douglascolemanshow.com
Show URL: * https://www.youtube.com/c/DouglasColemanshow
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back? [If you charge guests for interviews or anything else you MUST disclose it here.] *
Our studio and production fee is only $49.99. This includes a 3 camera studio production, editing, along with distribution to several online platforms, includingYouTube and FaceBook Watch. This fee also includes promotion across all of our social media accounts and a usage license fee so you can use our show on your platforms.