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September 11, 2022 - September 17, 2022

#7331: Queenie's BooktTalk and Reviews is looking for Indie Authors

Is seeking Indie and Self published authors. Show Name: * Queenie's BooktTalk and Reviews Show Description: * We interview authors and discuss their books. We discussed things going on with the author and their business. I have been in this business for over 15 years now. Also I am also an reader. Not only author interviews but other book promotions. Show Host Name(s): Queenie Clem Booking Contact for Interviews: * Queenie Clem Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Had over 3000 until I got hacked 3 weeks ago. Show Format: * Recorded podcast... Read more →

#7281: The Douglas Coleman Show VE (Video Edition) is looking for Authors

We are looking for authors who have a book to promote. Now booking for November 2022 Show Name: * The Douglas Coleman Show VE (Video Edition) Show Description: * The Douglas Coleman Show VE was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was created to be a virtual alternative for Authors who because of lockdowns and restricted travel, were unable to do in person book signings and meet and greets. We believe that with the mountains of books available to the reading public, it is important to introduce the prospective reader to the Author. A book cover alone won't sell... Read more →

#7369: Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast seek Shopify Experts

Shopify merchants, app developers, SaaS providers or anyone who has interesting topics in regards to Shopify's ecommerce platform. Show Name: * Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast Show Description: * An eCommerce podcast dedicated to Shopify Store Owners who want to optimize their business for Maximum Conversions & Revenue. Each week you get actionable advice, strategies, and hear from special guests talking about various topics on how to run a profitable business on Shopify. Learn how to survive in the fast-changing eCommerce world with your host Claus Lauter and get eCommerce business advice you can’t find on Google. Show Host Name(s): Claus... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Mental Health Experts

Between The Lines seeks Experts on Mental Health. Show Name: * Between The Lines Show Description: * Between The Lines is a podcast that's broadcasted from the Caribbean with a distinct difference; so I have been told by my guests. It's engaging, live and poses challenging questions in a conversational format. Between The Lines offers an experience like none other simply because of the personality of the Host, Corine La Font and the atmosphere she creates to make her guest comfortable, no mater the topic. The show is livestreamed, so guests get the opportunity to engage with a live audience... Read more →

#7358: The Relatable Voice Podcast is seeking Screenwriters

Is seeking screenwriters. Show Name: * The Relatable Voice Podcast Show Description: * Welcome to the Relatable Voice Podcast! In each episode, I "give a ride” to my guests and I listen to their stories. The idea behind the RV is a virtual road trip where Lucia can pick a guest up and give them a ride and they can talk about life, books, goals, or whatever else comes up. The guests range from book authors, life coaches, public speakers, to survivors, healers, and storytellers. Show Host Name(s): Lucia Matuonto Booking Contact for Interviews: * Alisha Booking Email Address: *... Read more →

#7368: Round Trip Death seeks Near Death Experiences

We interview guests who have had near death experiences. Show Name: * Round Trip Death Show Description: * This podcast releases new episodes twice each week. We interview guest who have had real near death experiences. We discuss the experience, what led up to it, and how their lives have changed since. Show Host Name(s): Eric Bennett Booking Contact for Interviews: * Eric Bennett Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Our show reaches thousands of people around the world. Our audience's demographics vary widely, Adults 18+, 60% female. Show Format: * Recorded... Read more →

Guest Requests Reserved for Premium Subscribers Today:

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included requests for experts on: Wellness Relationship Paranormal Christian Self-Improvement Want us to email you ALL our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews? Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#7367: TheUnfilteredbyG'Ade wants to Educate, Inspire and Empower

I am looking for guest who can speak about topics that can educate, Inspire and empower others. Show Name: * TheUnfilteredbyG'Ade Show Description: * This show is a Audio only podcast that come out every Tuesday. The show is a very energetic one that helps others learn about different aspects of life in a very comfortable environment. Guest loves being on the Podcast as it is full of life and they are very comfortable in sharing what makes them truly happy. please note that ALL podcast are recording 3 months prior to the release. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Read more →

#7366: It's Your Break talks Panic and Anxiety Attacks

I- t's okay to say NO! - What are panic and anxiety attacks? And how you can get help or help yourself to manage them. Show Name: * It's Your Break. Show Description: * It's Your Break is a show designed to give you a break from your normal day through life hacks, fun and education. So, if you need a break, we're a great place to start. Remember to take a break for yourself. Show Host Name(s): Jonathan Mertz Booking Contact for Interviews: * Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * We... Read more →

#7365: WYCB 1340AM The Senior Zone talks Improving Journey of Aging

The Senior Zone seeks guest interviews around content related to improving journey of aging. Our weekly topics have included, but have not been limited to discussions around Medicare, Transportation, Senior Dating, Social Isolations, Senior Spotlights, Pickleball, Health & Exercise, Final Affairs, Wealth, etc. We are open to content ONLY that is constructive and generally aimed at improving the lives of our older adults. Show Name: * The Senior Zone Show Description: * Founded in 2012 with a hope of restoring reverence, care, compassion and concern for the elderly The Senior Zone was formed. Now in its 10th year, The Senior... Read more →

#7364: How I Made It In Marketing seeks Marketers

Is seeking Marketers. Show Name: * How I Made It In Marketing Show Description: * Marketers are the artisans of commerce. Our palette is ideas. We ply our craft to facilitate choice. To empower every person creating value in the world – sharing their inventions, their service, their good works. And ultimately, to keep a society built on choice functioning. But also…This is one of the most fun, wildly creative, never-grow-up, 99% boring meetings followed by 1% of sheer creative brilliance, funny-yet-frustrating-yet-fruitful career choices you can make. Let’s explore the dichotomy. In this podcast, Daniel Burstein of MarketingSherpa dives deep... Read more →