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#6779: Eight Frugal Minutes needs Intriguing Guests

#7413: The Grapevine is looking for Leading Ecommerce Marketers

We're searching for UK ecommerce marketers who have an interesting story to tell about growing their brand.

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The Grapevine
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"I heard it on the grapevine..." Join Dr Ed Barter and Tom Ridges every two weeks as they delve into how consumer behaviour and word-of-mouth can powerfully impact ecommerce marketing strategies.

Each episode, they unpack current affairs and marketing news, through a behavioural science lens.

For regular listeners, this is the podcast that was "Data for bluffers".
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Victoria Murden
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Marketers and founders.
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  • Recorded podcast
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Every two weeks, available via Spotify
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  • 25-50
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