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It should have been YOU…

#7370: The Success Snap seek Bold Personal or Prefessional Turns

The Success Snap Podcast talks to people who have decided to make a bold (and often unexpected) personal or professional turn:

the successful accountant who leaves to start a bakery, the fiance who decides not to get married, ... Often family and friends don't get it. Add to that the doubts and frustrations that the person making the change often feel. Then the Success Snap happens. The event, conversation, dream, confirms that the radical change is, indeed, the right change.

Have you had a Success Snap experience? What was life like pre-Snap? What was the Snap? What was life like after?

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The Success Snap
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The Success Snap captures the moment destiny is confirmed. It takes a lot of courage to make a major life change. But it isn't always smooth sailing. Then, after mistakes and missteps, discouragement and doubt, IT happens. In that moment, you know you are on the right track. The Success Snap looks everything that led up to the snap and what happened after.
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Karyn Beach
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Karyn Beach
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