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#7360: Wine and Politics wants Political Guests

The ideal guest is someone who leans more politically left and can speak to different political issues, but is willing to have a conversation across the aisle in order to find common ground.

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Wine and Politics
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Wine and Politics is a political podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify that provides a platform for two or more individuals with differing points of view to discuss current events and political issues and find common ground with each other. And to make things easier, comfortable, and more fun, we drink wine (or another type beverage)! In a democracy, the art of persuasion through debate often settled political issues and allowed everyone to understand each other, and now in the era of cancel culture, people on the right and left often can't even be in the same room. Let's solve this problem together and solve the world's problems, one glass of wine at a time.

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Jane Marie Barnes
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Jane Marie Barnes
Booking Email Address: * janemariej13@gmail.com
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This podcast is only a couple of weeks old, but in those couple of weeks, 3 episodes have garnered almost 400 listens.
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  • Recorded podcast
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Podcast episodes launch on Apple Podcasts and Spotify at 6pm CST every other Monday.
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  • New Show!
  • 2-5
Website URL: * http://realwineandpolitics.com
Show URL: * https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wine-and-politics/id1639029409
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back? [If you charge guests for interviews or anything else you MUST disclose it here.] *
Since this is a new show, all we ask is that you promote your guest appearance on your platforms and help get the word out.