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Chris Miles, Cashflow Expert

Chris Miles, Cashflow ExpertChris Miles is the Anti-Financial Advisor, a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to get their money working for them through alternative investments, passive income streams, and infinite banking.

Chris has a proven reputation with his company, Money Ripples, getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results. In fact, his personal clients have increased their cashflow by over $250 million in the last 11 years!

After working as a traditional financial advisor and stock coach for several years, Chris came to a stark realization:  The financial advising industry was not showing anyone how to quickly and safely become financially prosperous.

After leaving that industry, Chris was able to retire when he was 28. His journey hasn't been easy, he lost everything after the Great Recession and had to rebuild his investments and himself. Chris has now retired TWICE in his life thanks to the passive income streams he was able to create. He has a passion for educating people about alternative investments so they can work not because they have to, but because they want to.

Chris has helped over 850 clients create passive income and increase monthly cashflow through alternative investments. He also is an expert in max Chris Miles Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor ROI infinite banking. He has built a loyal community of listeners with his podcast, The Chris Miles Money Show. With over 500 episodes, he has spread his knowledge of passive income opportunities and financial freedom strategies to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Not to mention he has brought on over 100 guests to talk about their investing expertise.

Chris will bring his years of cash flow expertise and knowledge to your show by explaining his own investing experiences and the stories of his many clients. His firsthand knowledge of financial advising vs passive investing gives him a unique perspective on why cash flow is the best way to become financially free. For being as successful as he is, Chris displays a down-to-earth, humble confidence that is relatable to listeners all while dropping different perspectives and ideas on how to manage your money.

Interview Chris Miles, Cashflow Expert, to discuss...

  • Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Passive Income
  • How to Get the Max ROI from Your Infinite Banking Plan
  • Why Financial Advisors SUCK 
  • How I Retired TWICE by 39 years old
  • 7 Secrets to Free Up Cash Today
  • Get Your Investment Money to Pay You TWICE
  • How to Create an “Anti-Financial Plan”

Chris Miles Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Featured in many large publications like BiggerPockets Magazine, US News, CNN Money, and EOFire.
  • More than two decades in the financial industry.
  • He has seen money and retirement through the financial advisor and alternative investing mindset.
  • He is the leading expert on max ROI infinite banking.
  • He has proven results in improving clients' cashflow.

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone and video call from Draper, UT/MNT
In person in Salt Lake City, UT

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  • Has an active presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.
  • Will promote all interviews across digital platforms.

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Chris Miles

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