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Is seeking Financial Independence Experts.

My audience is focused on Financial Independence and Entrepreneurship.

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Average Joe Finances
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On this podcast we discuss how to create passive income from real estate, investing, side hustles and more. Our mission is to help people realize their growth potential no matter their income level. This podcast is designed to be an educational tool to help you become financially independent. We want you to beat your debt, build your wealth, and control your future!
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Mike Cavaggioni
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Booking Form URL: https://averagejoefinances.com/podcast-intake
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12,000+ downloads a month, over 110k downloads total. 71% Male 28% Female 1% undisclosed. Ages 18-22: 15% | 23-27: 21% | 28-34: 36% | 35-44: 31% | 45-59: 21% | 60+: 4%.
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  • Recorded podcast
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We air two podcast episodes per week Sunday and Wednesday 6am EST.
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  • 101+ episodes
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