#7131: The Third Rail With Omar talks Political and Social Issues
#7151: Low Carb Ancestral Living: Optimize Your Health Naturally seeks Unconventional Thinkers

#7021: The Truckers Network and Women Road Warriors talks Commercial Drivers

We are seeking guests who are experts, can offer informative topics for drivers in all areas, as well as authors, musicians, comedians, and entertainers.

Our programming is aimed at commercial drivers (truckers).

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The Truckers Network Radio Show and Women Road Warriors
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Highly-rated afternoon drive talk show that informs and entertains commercial drivers and those involved in the transportation industry. We interview industry experts, celebrities and entertainers. Our topics are relevant and compelling. We are entertaining and like to cover a variety of topics. Our listeners hail from across the United States and Canada.
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Shelley Johnson
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Commercial drivers across the U.S. and Canada
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  • Internet radio show
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  • 101+ episodes
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