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June 6, 2021 - June 12, 2021

#6883: 1490AM Brian Stark LIVE! Real Estate. Finance. Business. Life. seeks Real Estate Experts

We're a real estate and finance show, so...seeking National experts in Real Estate, Finance and Business subjects. You must own or run a National organization, be an author with a nationally distributed book or program, or be an influencer with a National base. We do not book local guests except from mega markets such as NYC, LA and Miami. Thanks. Show Name: * Brian Stark LIVE! Real Estate. Finance. Business. Life. Show Description: * We interview National thought leaders, and leaders in the real estate, finance and business space. We have interviewed many many National figures including Tom Hopkins, Brian... Read more →

It should have been YOU…

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included interview requests for experts on Business Wellness Relationships Authors Get ALL of our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews! Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#6882: The Relatable Voice Podcast seeks Writers

Is seeking Book Authors, Song writers, wordsmiths. Show Name: * The Relatable Voice Podcast Show Description: * The RV podcast has only been around for a few months, and it’s already getting authors and other creators where they want to go. Not only do we focus on letting each author talk about their story extensively, as well as whatever else they want to communicate to their fans, but we also work hard at promoting them through social media platforms, including all of your normal ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Daily Hunt, and Flipboard. Show Host Name(s): Lucia Matuonto... Read more →

#6881: iHeart Radio's Healthcare 911 wants to Interview LGBTQ Pride

Healthcare 911 would like to interview and feature members of the LGBTQ community as a feature for Pride Month. Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Foster Parents of LGBTQ youth. Show Name: * Healthcare 911 Show Description: * Healthcare 911 is a progressive platform to create awareness of "911" issues in America's healthcare. Guests featured to date include pharmaceutical executives, doctors, lawyers, authors, therapists, and patients with a story to tell. Healthcare 911 is a voice for those who have not been heard to help bring change to our healthcare system. Show Host Name(s): Gail Trauco and Christina Nelson Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

#6880: The Truckers Network Radio Show want Interesting Guests

I would like to feature guests who have topics that would be of interest to commercial drivers - both men and women. We run the gamut. Even comedians and musicians are welcome on our talk shows. Show Name: * The Truckers Network Radio Show Show Description: * We offer a popular talk show during the week for commercial drivers. The show features news, information, entertainment, music of interest to commercial drivers in the U.S. and Canada. We want guests who can inform, entertain and even make our listeners laugh. A great story-teller is aways welcome. Show Host Name(s): Shelley Johnson... Read more →

#6879: Syndicated Radio The Punk and the Princess Radio Show seeks Musicians and Vocalists

Musicians, vocalists and bands from any genre and decade. A great way to promote your tour, music release or event. Show Name: * The Punk and the Princess Radio Show Show Description: * Multi-genre music show with Daniel (The Punk) and Mika (The Princess) in a yin-yang music show for anyone, whatever your taste in music, broadcast worldwide on 50+ FM, DAB and internet stations with a listenership of millions. Join stars like Chesney Hawkes, Pauline Murray, Captain Sensible and Segs Jennings plus new and emerging stars like Ravenscode and Sam Fender as they take an amusing and entertaining trip... Read more →

#6878: Dove and Dragon Radio is looking for Authors

Is looking for authors. Show Name: * Dove and Dragon Radio Show Description: * About the show: I do an open platform, pre-recorded. This allows for editing or removing dogs or kids form the background. With so many working from home it is a common thing now to have one or both coming in during the interview. This is a video interview. I have found readers like seeing the author more than just hearing about them on the radio. However, with the addition of Spotify they have the choice. I promote it on Facebook, twitter, IGTV and youtube. As well... Read more →

Today You Missed These:

Requests for: Authors Paranormal Business Wellness Self-Improvement Were all sent to our Premium subscribers today. Do you want to get ALL our Guest Requests delivered each day, too? It’s the easy way to get more interviews! Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#6877: Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is Booking

Self-help authors in the areas of addiction, perseverance, dealing with stressors, and PTSD are welcome to inquire. Show Name: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Show Description: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is a bi-monthly podcast that addresses the issues faced by men and women after incarceration. While I am happy to promote your book or service, this podcast is about helping formerly incarcerated individuals. We currently have about 44,000 listens over 215 episodes. Show Host Name(s): Rodney Mathers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rodney Mathers Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your... Read more →

#6876: Roku TVs PSI TV is seeking Business Owners

Is seeking Business Owners. Show Name: * PSI TV Show Description: * PSI TV (Roku Channel) Illuminating the programs and offers from movers and shakers in their space. These are the problem-solvers, the get it done, the make it better for you leaders. We have multiple channels on Roku TV. We are the Netflix of Biz Brands. We interview you as a guest and post that show to the channel that matches your genre best. Saying 'catch me on TV' has a better brand elevation than, 'catch me on YouTube'. Show Host Name(s): Trudy Beerman Booking Contact for Interviews: *... Read more →

#6875: Chasing the Truth is looking for Paranormal/Supernatural Encounters

Is seeking paranormal witnesses or those whom have encountered anything supernatural. Psychics and paranormal authors of course being part of the latter are also welcome. Show Name: * Chasing the Truth Show Description: * I am the producer for Chasing the Truth. Shawn Graham, the host of the show wants to have the pleasure of having you share YOUR experiences on his show! Had an encounter with a ghost, spirit? Do you have a psychic gift you desire to share with the world? This is your chance! Desire for your book to be discovered or other paranormal talent? The same... Read more →

#68040: The Douglas Coleman Show VE (Video Edition) is looking for Authors

We are continuing our author's promotion through the month of June and July and are looking for great authors who have a book to promote. Show Name: * The Douglas Coleman Show VE (Video Edition) Show Description: * The Douglas Coleman Show VE will offer guests a unique show experience format that will showcase their music, book, film or whatever else they want to spotlight. Unlike a typical video phone call, The Douglas Coleman Show VE is designed to be a virtual talk show. It has a relaxed living room vibe and shows the host and guest looking at each... Read more →