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#6932: Justice Counts seeks Social Justice/Politcal/Legal Advocates!

We are looking for guests who champion justice in America and beyond.

"Justice" is not just a legal term, although we certainly seek guests who operate within the civil and criminal justice systems. But it also applies to people who seek or promote justice outside of the law. A social worker, a child safety, product safety, climate change, equal rights, etc. advocate out of the justice system would be a good fit as well. What is your personal "justice" issue? We want you on our broadcast.

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The Podcast that goes beyond the law to what's important to YOU. Equal justice for all is a guidepost for our nation, but how do we achieve that? Justice is often defined as just or fair behavior or treatment. But for who? The rich and powerful or the weakest members of our society? Justice might be a legal, moral, ethical or religious term. We are looking for guests, from all walks of like, who wish to share their opinions and answer to this question: WHAT DOES JUSTICE LOOK LIKE OR MEAN TO YOU?
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Mark M. Bello
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Mark Bello or Robert Gatty
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