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#6931: ExecuPeaks is calling Executives & Entrepreneurs

Is seeking C-Level Executives, Senior Leadership with at least seven years of verifiable experience.

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ExecuPeaks is a historical platform which resumes production bringing the latest updates from the entrepreneurial and business realm. The objective is to share insights from achievers now working roles in management, leadership and niche senior positions. Grant listeners an opportunity to learn how one's mind, soul and intelligence contribute to defining one's personal and professional success.

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Shared on a global platform with reach extending to 5 out of 7 continents, with minimum of 58 countries for this specific initiative. Large audience following in order - North America (U.S. and Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Ireland), Australia, New Zealand and Middle East. Business demographics: 57% men (avg. ages 23 - 67), 43% women (avg. ages 20 - 57+) / Occupations: entrepreneurs, corporate, commercial subject matter experts, first time business owners.
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