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Vedic Reading Series
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I was born into a vedic astrology family in Kerala and have travelled extensively across India. During this time, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and live many spiritual masters from different disciplines, including Matha Chaithanyamai on Narayanagurukula and Sahadev.

I am also a professional engineer and founder of Eduladder.com, a community of students who help each other succeed in any exams, ranging from First Standard, Second PU and University entry exams, including SRM, AMITY and VTU.

The spiritual therapy and teachings I share are based mainly on the Vedas and astrology. I offer detailed, personalized Vedic chart readings and have posted videos on YouTube detailing the range of issues I can cover with you. These include insights into relationship dynamics, career guidance and clarity when faced with decision-making. I sometimes use the Crowley Tarot deck in tandem with my readings, if requested to do so. I also specialize in financial astrology and can offer astrological crypto guidance for individuals as well as businesses.

If you feel a personalized reading may be of benefit to you, or if you are looking to increase your energy in order to achieve your fullest potential, please contact me Now for a free, non-obligation, initial consultation, Which will be shown as a podcast on my website.

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