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June 1, 2021

#6869: Erica James Travel Show talks Family Travel

I am looking for people who travel with their kids, generational travel and have the best travel tips for traveling with kids, all generations in a family that can help with my month theme of "Family Travel" Show Name: * Erica James Travel Show Show Description: * The Erica James Travel Show is a travel show, hosted by a professional travel agent that is trying to assist people to not only travel the world but to do is safe, smart and be organized and prepared for anything. Show Host Name(s): Erica James Booking Contact for Interviews: * Erica James Booking... Read more →

#358: Author Assist is looking for Genre Fiction Authors

I'm looking for genre fiction authors ONLY. No nonfiction authors Show Name: * Author Assist Show Description: * Author Assist is a show on the Artist First Radio Network. We host two fiction authors every show and have a comfortable chat about their love for writing, their books and the marketing and promotion side of being an author. A surprise or two may be thrown in and there are live readings as well. This show has been broadcasting for over 3 years. We go out live, worldwide. Show Host Name(s): Karina Kantas Booking Contact for Interviews: * Karina Kantas Booking... Read more →

FREE BONUSES for Podcasts & Radio Shows Directory Buyers, too.

The new Podcasts & Radio Shows Directory is a great deal right now. HUNDREDS of exclusive show listings, each with private email addresses and contact info, all in one place, searchable, and indexed, too. You can quickly find the best podcasts and radio talk show programs to showcase your products and expertise. All exclusive to our podcast guest-finding service. PLUS – Download the new Directory now and get BUYER BONUSES In addition to the great SALE PRICE, you can get the 2020 edition PLUS a BUNCH of valuable free bonuses. These include: Bonus PDF Download #1: TWO Free Chapters from... Read more →

#6863: Vedic Reading Series talks Spirituality

Is looking for Spirituality & Tantra Experts. Show Name: * Vedic Reading Series Show Description: * I was born into a vedic astrology family in Kerala and have travelled extensively across India. During this time, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and live many spiritual masters from different disciplines, including Matha Chaithanyamai on Narayanagurukula and Sahadev. I am also a professional engineer and founder of, a community of students who help each other succeed in any exams, ranging from First Standard, Second PU and University entry exams, including SRM, AMITY and VTU. The spiritual therapy and teachings... Read more →

#356: The Jimbo Paris Show wants Spirituality Entrepreneurs

Is looking for Spirituality Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * The Jimbo Paris Show Show Description: * The Jimbo Paris Experience is a long form conversation hosted by Jimbo Paris an entrepreneur with numerous guests, that include anyone that is considered successful in their desired field. If you are a good storyteller that is open to the idea of talking on a podcast that has a 4,000 listener Facebook page then this could be a good environment to bring your expertise to a broader platform. Although we have a strong following this is a new show, so if you want to be... Read more →