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The Amazing Original Johnny Blaze Show!!!
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Have a Blazing Fun Time & Promote Yourself On An Entertainment Talk Show: The Amazing Original Johnny Blaze Show - Everyone Has a Story – Show Us What You’ve Got, Actors Singers Comedians Musicians... From Aspiring Performers To Show Business Veterans - You Will Get Noticed, Our Show Averages 1200 Views Per Episode Plus All Our Guests Receive a Complementary DVD of Their Appearance On the Show.
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Steven Hyken AKA Amazing Original Johnny Blaze
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Steven Hyken
Booking Form URL: http://www.johnnyblaze.com/
Booking Email Address: * amazingoriginaljbshow@gmail.com
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1,300+ Views Per Episode
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  • Video livestream
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Zoom Talk Show - Saturday 9PM PST
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  • 10-25
Website URL: * http://www.johnnyblaze.com/
Show URL: * http://www.johnnyblaze.com/