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#6830: Syndicated Radio Choose Life Radio Network seeks Christian Life Stories

Choose Life Radio Network is searching for poignant stories about LIFE from a Christian worldview.

We deal with abortion, adoption, accidental death, end-of-life, reunited families, etc.

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Choose Life Radio Network
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26 minute interviews, pre-recorded in-studio (Akron, OH if possible or studio to studio) or via phone. I approach with a FAITH-based focus, looking at the gift of LIFE. We talk about disappointments, losses, choices made, etc., and seek to find how God restores our lives through prayer, healing counsel and ministry. Guests are given the ability to share their stories with very little interruption and certainly no shame. However, as the host, Jill Taylor, I bring it all back to the gift of LIFE eternal in some way throughout the interview. Although we address tough topics, we also laugh and celebrate what God has been able to do through our experiences.

Show Host Name(s):
Jill Shuler Taylor
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Jill Taylor
Booking Form URL: https://www.chooseliferadio.com/about
Booking Email Address: * Jill@ChooseLifeRadio.com
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600+ stations across America including Sirius Christian Satellite 131 Family Talk
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  • Broadcast radio show
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We are part of the American Family Radio lineup Sunday afternoons at 5:00 PM (all times Central Standard Time (CST) - find your local AFR station here!

Also, like the American Family Radio network of stations, we have added the Christian Satellite Network to the Choose Life Radio broadcast family. Christian Satellite Network will carry the Choose Life Radio broadcast at 12:00 am Sunday morning—Mountain Standard Time. (Which means it can be heard at 11:00 pm Saturday night on the west coast.) The program airs again on Sunday evening at 6:00 pm (MST). times are local:
Additional stations are:
WCVX, Cincinnati, OH (1160 AM): 11:30 AM Saturdays
WFCV, Bluffton, IN (100.1 FM): 9:30 AM Saturdays
KDKR, Dallas, TX (91.3 FM): 11:00 AM Saturdays
WCVX, Cincinnati, OH (1160 AM): 11:30 AM Saturdays
WRZN, Ocala/The Villa, FL (720 AM): 12:00 PM Saturdays and (103.5 FM) 12:00 PM Sundays
WTMN, Gainesville, FL (1430 AM; 96.3 FM) 12:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays
WIWA, Orlando, FL (1270 AM) 12:00PM Saturdays and Sundays
WNIR, Akron, OH (100.1 FM): 8:00 AM Sundays
WCRF, Moody Cleveland (103.3 FM): 6:00 PM Sundays
WHKC, Columbus, OH (91.5 FM): 10:30 AM Saturdays and 3:00 PM Sundays
WFCV, Fort Wayne, IN (1090 AM; 93.7FM): 8:00 AM Sundays

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  • 101+ episodes
Website URL: * http://www.ChooseLifeRadio.com
Show URL: * https://www.chooseliferadio.com/podcasts
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back? [If you charge guests for interviews or anything else you MUST disclose it here.] *
We do not charge guests for anything. All videos or books by featured authors are purchased by CLRN through the publishers.