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May 26, 2021

Tim Phizackerley - Britain's Fastest Hypnotist

Tim Phizackerley of is a hypnotist, therapist, and mind coach specializing in treatment of addiction, PTSD, and trauma. Tim uses rapid, deep hypnosis and other fascinating tools to end addictions, cure trauma, fix relationship problems and change lives. You can see reviews and video clips on his website here. Featured in the national press, on radio and on TV, Tim's work has benefited hundreds of thousands of people. He was also featured in the hit book From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever: The story of how a hopeless alcoholic, resigned to an early death, found complete freedom from her... Read more →

#6864: Voices of Misery wants to Hear Your Story

Religious experts, actors, comedians, and experts in their fields of life are who/what we are looking to have conversations with. If you have an interesting story, we’re all into it. Long form interview show. Show Name: * Voices of Misery Show Description: * 2 year old podcast with over 1.7 million downloads and multiple guests from all areas of life is looking for potential guests to record future shows. Get your voice out to a large audience on this long form conversational podcast that is not afraid to ‘go there’ when needed and never shies away from a topic. Not... Read more →

#6862: My Independence Report is seeking Positive People

Motivational Positive creative speakers. Show Name: * My Independence Report Show Description: * Declaring our independence from Hate, Division, and Fear! Bringing positive people together to be as one creating a great format for a dynamic show. This podcast has generated well over 30,000 download over the last 18 months. And the host, Kevin McDonald creates a fun informative program that people really enjoy, while learning something at the same time. Kevin presents your information with great questions and astute insights to your passion. Show Host Name(s): kevin mcdonald Booking Contact for Interviews: * kevin mcdonald, producer, host, Kayla Beaudette... Read more →

Don’t Miss any more Guest Requests!

The right publicity can explode your business. Why not upgrade to get ALL our Guest Requests? Today we also had interview requests for: Business Law Self-Improvement Society Women's Issues Get ALL our Guest Requests by email early each day, too. Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#6861: Business Strategy e-Magazine Podcast seeks Entrepreneurs

Is seeking Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * Business Strategy e-Magazine Podcast Show Description: * Business Strategy e-magazine produces a global podcast where we aim to bring awareness to small business owners and entrepreneurs around the globe. WE also want to motivate young graduates who dream to found a start up and write a success story in future. Our audience come to watch and listen to entrepreneurs as they share their insights and talk about the products or services that they offer. Come share your story and tell the world about your business and what it took to make it happen! Show... Read more →