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Tim Phizackerley - Britain's Fastest Hypnotist

Tim Phizackerley of is a hypnotist, therapist, and mind coach specializing in treatment of addiction, PTSD, and trauma. Tim uses rapid, deep hypnosis and other fascinating tools to end addictions, cure trauma, fix relationship problems and change lives. You can see reviews and video clips on his website here. Featured in the national press, on radio and on TV, Tim's work has benefited hundreds of thousands of people. He was also featured in the hit book From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever: The story of how a hopeless alcoholic, resigned to an early death, found complete freedom from her... Read more →

#6823: Chasing the Truth is looking for Paranormal Witnesses

Seeks Paranormal Witnesses, psychics, Paranormal writers, anyone who has something to do with the paranormal are welcome on the show! Cryptid witnesses also. Show Name: * Chasing the Truth Show Description: * It is that time again! Chasing the Truth is seeking those who have encounters with the paranormal and supernaturel. If you desire to tell your story and have it heard by a large audience, this is the show to do it on. Shawn has had many successful guests who had been able to share their stories on his platform and have come back to do it again! Have... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Authors and Publishers

Between The Lines seeks authors and publishers. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * Between The Lines has been interviewing guests since 2012 initially on BlogtalkRadio, Libsyn and now It has distribution to Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Apple, Breaker, Google Podcast, Overcasts, Pocketcast, RadioPublic and Stitcher. BTL offers the option to have pre-recorded or live interviews for a 30 mins segment. BTL will be resuming live, real time interviews as of Jan 2021 for upgraded guests or those who book the full package. Over 300 interviews have been held and many guests (and repeat guests) have this... Read more →