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Tim Phizackerley - Britain's Fastest Hypnotist

#6823: Chasing the Truth is looking for Paranormal Witnesses

Seeks Paranormal Witnesses, psychics, Paranormal writers, anyone who has something to do with the paranormal are welcome on the show!

Cryptid witnesses also.

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Chasing the Truth
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It is that time again! Chasing the Truth is seeking those who have encounters with the paranormal and supernaturel. If you desire to tell your story and have it heard by a large audience, this is the show to do it on. Shawn has had many successful guests who had been able to share their stories on his platform and have come back to do it again! Have you had a paranormal visitation or encounter? We wanna hear about it and help us get one step further to getting the truth known of the unknown. Shawn is a welcoming host and also a fellow who has had his own experiences of the paranormal. Psychics, paranormal authors... or any kinda witness in general are welcome!

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John Bell
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Wes Vick
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Usually fifty to a hundred and sometimes more than that during live shows. Depends on the subject discussed. I can guarantee you thousands listen to the recorded show within a week.
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This varies but usually Saturday Evening around seven or eight Central time
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  • 101+ episodes
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Show URL: * https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvf4eUxzb8JdgnRPGi1lKA/videos
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