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#6435: IITG Seasoned Sisters Speaks is seeking Positive Healing Experts

Focusing on the positive and giving tips.

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IITG Seasoned Sisters Speaks
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Join Host Victorianne Russell Walton; CEO , Breast Cancer Advocates, Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, Lifestyle Coach, Chronic Disease Instructor, Oncology Patient Navigator Trainer.
Victorianne Russell Walton asks a questions on Seasoned Sisters Speaks to make you think about the current situation not just in the community but around the world. Focusing on the positive and giving tips on creating a business, with those that can help you create.

We also focus on the body, nutrition, healing and repairing your body. Breathing, releasing anxiety. Learning what to do, when you don't know what to do. We need the experts to assist us with sending this message to the communities.

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Victorianne Russell Walton
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Victorianne Russell Walton (202) 840-2273
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Our show is live every other Thursday at 2pm EST on Seasoned Sisters Speaks Talk Blog, Seasoned Sisters Speaks Facebook Live, Victorianne Russell Walton Facebook Live, Seasoned Sisters Speaks LinkedIn Live and YouTube

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Seasoned Sisters Speaks Talk Blog, Facebook live,

Biweekly Thursday, 2pm EST

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  • 101+ episodes
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