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Black Rights = Human Rights

Our country’s founding documents claim that human rights are inalienable. It’s time we all acted like it.

Today we’d like to clearly state that the treatment of black Americans in the United States must improve.

We are adding our voices to the chorus of anti-racist activism due to recent events. Compounded historical disadvantages, long-standing prejudices, institutionalized discrimination, and racism must stop.

At a significant part of our mission has always been to encourage dialogue and help under-represented ideas and expertise reach the media.  We believe that America, and the world, gets stronger through free expression and conversation.

As members of the media we have a special responsibility because we help shape the national dialogue.

And if you're reading this, this responsibility applies to you as a participant in the media business, too.

Recent events have surfaced (again) the unfair burdens and difficult circumstances faced by many minority members of our society. We encourage you to support efforts to improve their lives by giving extra attention to minority voices going forward.

To all of our subscribers we encourage you to:

  • Speak up loudly whenever you encounter racist attitudes, policies, or language - and support others who do so, too.

  • Share your opinions with and demand change from your elected officials and professional network.

  • Educate yourself on the unequal treatment suffered by African Americans for generations.

  • Get involved with local and national organizations to get the perspective of African Americans in your community or industry and learn how you can best make a difference.

  • Visit these links for some suggestions on how you can demonstrate your support for #BlackLivesMatter:


For our many friends who host radio programs and podcasts, please:

  • Continue to welcome minority points of view especially if they are supportive of black perspectives.

  • Continue to reject as guests any “experts” who promote intolerance.
  • Make an extra effort to find minority interview guests and provide opportunities for them to be heard, respected, and congratulated.

Together we can make a difference. And the sooner, the better. It's the American way.

- Your Friends at


p.s. Comments and links to additional resources are welcome.



Elliott Robinson, JD, MDiv

Thank you so much for this statement of support. My podcast, Creative Tension, focuses on both the history & legacy of Jim Crow segregation. I’d be happy to serve as a resource for any media outlets looking to thoughtfully engage in these discussions.

To learn more about our work and our podcast, visit us at:

Elliott Robinson, JD, MDiv

Alex Spenser

Thank you so much for your thoughts and activism. I wish every business and organization with a web presence would make a similar statement.

My name is Alex Spenser and I am running for the US House of Representatives, here are a few statements I have made:

With great appreciation,

Alex Spenser

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