#6402: I Saw The Beatles Needs Guests Who Saw The Beatles Play
#6403: Better health for Women and Men is seeking Educators

#6401: The Andrew Schutt Show is looking for Game Thoery Expert

Is looking for an expert on Game Theory to have a discussion with.

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The Andrew Schutt Show
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"Having interesting conversations with interesting people."

This is a very casual, conversational show that I started for the simple reason that I'm a curious guy and I like to learn about things. I'm not a fan of peddling popular ideologies; I'm a fan of having real, raw, authentic conversation. That's what this show is for.
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Andrew Schutt
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Andrew Schutt
Booking Email Address: * andrew@schuttmedia.com
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<100 monthly listeners (if you're just looking for exposure, this show isn't going to do much for you. But if you're more interested in having a real, genuine, fun & thought-provoking conversation - this is the show for you)
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  • Recorded podcast
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Podcast. Conducted on Zoom, posted on YouTube and all major podcast platforms.
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  • 10-25
Website URL: * https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBLg0N02ToZO7f53_U9lB0w
Show URL: * https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBLg0N02ToZO7f53_U9lB0w
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back? [If you charge guests for interviews or anything else you MUST disclose it here.] *
*Open-mindedness required*